Monday 30 November 2020

Art Journal Journey

 Nearly at the end of the month for hosting Art Journal Journey, which I have enjoyed very much. This time my only tiny delve into digital. I have an old Serif design program which is loaded on an old laptop. I am so out of practice, and personally I would rather do things my own way.

Art Every Day - Day 30

 For my last painting on Art Every Day I have gone South to Devon, where I lived for thirteen years to work and be near my parents who were getting on in years. After I wrote that I realised I am t older than they were at that time, and I certainly don't need looking after.

I am rather sorry this challenge has come to an end, next year I must remember to join in from day. Thank you all for all your encouraging comments. I will try to keep up with your blogs.

Sunday 29 November 2020

Art Every Day - day 29

 A scene through a gateway in Tuscany for Day 29 on Art Every Day

Saturday 28 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

Nearly at the end of my hosting on Art Journal Journey.
Ravens and bats this time on a collaged background. Just off to make some sweet chilli sauce from the chillies in my greenhouse. Must remember to wear gloves to handle the chillies.


Art Every Day - day 28

 For Art Every Day I have a landscape from a photograph I took of the place my daughter Claire and I stayed in, in Tuscany. I drove down with a stop in Dijon France, and set off the next day to visit a friend of Claire's in Geneva for lunch. Off then through the Alps into Italy. It was then dark and approaching midnight and we had great difficulty finding the place. The guy looking after the place was not very pleased with our late arrival and was now able to get to bed. We had a fabulous holiday and Tuscany is wonderful.

Friday 27 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

 Another page for my Art Journal Journey, theme of birds. A wintery scene with robins. 

Art Every Day - Day 27

Back to Scotland for Art Every day - Day 27 Once again I can't remember where this is, probably somewhere close to where we lived.

I am also entering this on Paint Party Friday

Thursday 26 November 2020

Art Every day - day 26

 Day 26 on Art Every day. A change from Scotland, this is one from the garden I house sat for three years. There was two cats and koi fish I had to cope with as well as the garden. I must have been mad.

Thursday Journal with Neet

Our last Thursday journal page to fit in with my theme on Art Journal Journey.                                              

The words "I'm working, Please kindly go away" Sophie is trying to write a crime novel and is being very distracted by the birds outside who are tapping on the window and singing loudly. It's actually complaining loudly in bird language. They are used to being fed in the morning and it gone midday. All the cat wants to do is go to sleep, and he too is fed up with the noise.


Wednesday 25 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

 Another collaged background this time with garden birds for my theme on Art Journal Journey.                 A dictionary derivation of bird and a feather to finish it off. The bird on the paving is a brambling that visited us in Wales.

Art Every day - day 25

 Day 25 on Art Every day, the days just seem to fly by. Another landscape taken in Scotland.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

 Another collaged background for my bird theme on Art Journal Journey I added the bird and the eggs to finish off. A very simple one this time.

Art Every Day - Day 24

For Art Every day Day 24.  This time, leaving Scotland for London. This was taken from a photograph of Canary Wharfe on the river Thames before it was developed. It looks very different now.

Tag Tuesday - Pets

 A photograph of two of my cats for my tag for Tag Tuesday where the theme is Pets, set by Valerie. They stay like this for a while but usually end up having a go at each other. They are brother and sister and were feral until they decided to move in. 

The background is a piece of paper from my stash and I have written out a poem about cats.

Monday 23 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

For my bird theme on Art Journal Journey this time I have made a collaged background. I added a napkin with a lovely image of a bird and poppies and some small stamped squares.

Art Every Day - Day 23

Another one of Scotland for Art Every Day  I don't think I could climb that high up to take a photograph now. As I don't remember where it is, I am going to convince myself that there was road near by that I could see this scene from. Why don't I write on the back of photos so I will know where they are.                 I know, the same reason I don't label them on my computer either.

Sunday 22 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

  Some owls this time for my theme on Art Journal Journey. Collage of papers and some stampings of owls, plus an owl feather.

Art Every Day - Day 22

 Another landscape for Art Every Day

This one is of Eilean Donan castle that was just down the road from where we lived. It is a very popular castle for tourists and it is still lived in. It is on a sea loch.

Saturday 21 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

 Another p[age for my theme on Art Journal Journey. A Distress oxide background and some ink through a leaf stencil. I drew a branch for the birds to perch on. 

I had a load of coloured Dylusion birds ready for my theme, randomly fetched three out of the bag at once, and they landed like this. I immediately know what to write for a comment. Talk about serendipity. I just loved the way the little one was looking at the green boots.

Art Every Day - day 21

This is a landscape piece today for Art Every Day taken from a photograph. Somewhere in Scotland.

Friday 20 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

A collage this time for my theme on Art Journal Journey, with just a burst of colour with the little bird in the square. 

 Rain stopped us gardening today and I am gradually catching up with some work in my sketchbooks. 
I still have about 200 bulbs to plant and if this weather keeps up some of them will have to go in pots. They never seem to do very well in pots even though other people seem to manage OK.

Art Every day - Day 20

 It's day 20 on Art Every Day and i am starting a series of landscapes, most of them from photographs from my time in the Highlands of Scotland.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet

 She sees in black and white. Thinks in grey. And loves in colour. Not an easy set of words to illustrate this week. I started off with putting some new soft waxy crayons through a stencil, big mistake. They smudged like mad but not nicely, so I just went for it and smudged them with some kitchen roll. So there is some black and white and the smudged bits made grey. Theresa loves her pets and she sees them in colour. Thank goodness she doesn't have a cat or that bird would not be there. Sorry that's the best I can do this time.

I am also entering this in Art Journal Journey where my theme is birds. 

Art Every day - Day 19

For Day 19 on Art Every Day I have left the trees behind for a while. 

I have spent ages going through some old photographs and after this one I am going to do a series of landscapes. I really enjoy landscapes, especially in watercolour. This one is an old fencepost that has lichen on it, it was in our garden when I lived in the Highlands of Scotland ( In my previous life)

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Art Every Day - Daay 18

 Day 18 of Art Every Day. The last of my tree paintings. This tree has very little growth left, just a few twigs growing from the old stump.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Art Every Day - Day17

 Gosh these days are coming in fast and furious and I am going to have to find some stuff to draw in the garden, so it will be out with the camera today. It's day 17 on Art Every Day and this is the third one of four trees that I have drawn from photos of my late brother. I think this tree was past it's best.

Monday 16 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

 Another page foe my bird theme on Art Journal Journey. A collage of ripped papers with three mother and chick images using Tim Holtz stamps.

Art Every day - day 16

 Another tree from my brothers photographs for Art Every Day I think they are chestnut trees.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Art Every day - Day 15

 Art Every day - Day 15 . I found some lovely tree photographs of my late brothers and have started to draw and watercolour them, here is the first.

Saturday 14 November 2020

Art Every Day - Day 14

 A sketch today for Art Every day of a wall in Tuscany taken from a photograph I took many years ago.

Tag Tuesday - Texture

 Another tag for my theme on Tag Tuesday. This time I used crinkled up tissue on the background and sprayed it with a turquoise and bronze sprays. I added a wooden tree and some wooden birds. there is some brown tissue paper at the bottom to represent leaves.

Art Journal Journey - Birds

Another page for my theme of birds on Art Journal Journey. This time a collage with stamped images of birds added.  


Friday 13 November 2020

Art Journal Journey - Birds

I couldn't do a bird page for my theme on Art Journal Journey with a beach and seagull one.. Distress inks, and texture paste for the sea foam.
I am also entering this in Art Every Day


Thursday 12 November 2020

Art Every Day Day 12

 A mountain scene in watercolour for Day 12 on Art Every Day.

Thursday Journal with Neet

 "You can't skip and be unhappy at the same time" are the words for this week. My background is Distress inks and a Dylusion stencil of flowers. The figures are also Dylusions, using different heads, bodies and legs. I used crochet for the skipping ropes.

Sophie and her friend Grace are very happy skipping outside, and then Ursula a neighbour comes along and finds it all very childish and said she would rather watch the birds than be seen skipping. With those shoes on she would probably end up in a heap on the floor, loose her dignity and dirty her new dress. The girls carry on skipping, ignoring Ursula and hoping she will go away.

I am entering this Art Journal Journey where my theme is Birds.

Some more pictures taken around the garden after a heavy mist.

Decay setting in on the Chinese lantern.

An intrepid wood lice
Some fossils in one of our paving slabs

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Art Every Day - Poppies Dasy 11

For day 11 on Art Every Day  A felted poppy postcard for Remembrance Day. 


The two pictures below are a fabric book I made a while ago. The cover is fabric and the the pages are paper with some 1st World War poems written in.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Tag Tuesday - Texture

 A tag for my theme on Tag Tuesday. The background is distress inked and texture paste put through a stencil. I added a wooden butterfly some flower brads and accent beads.

Art Every Day . Day 9

 My entry for Day 10 on Art Every day. A watercolour of the beach in Wales again. It's the other side of the one I posted earlier.

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