Friday 28 June 2019

Art Journal Journey -- Words to live by

My second page for Halle's theme of Words to live by on Art Journal Journey. This time I distress inked the background and added some pieces of watercolored Tomoe river paper ( a very thin paper that takes watercolour inks really well) I then added some stamping and some stamped fish. The saying is 'Who knows what the next tide will bring'

Thursday 27 June 2019

Thursday Journal with Neet

'The only person I trust is me, and even that's iffy' are the words for this week on our Thursday art journal. I have used a mop up page for this one, as I didn't think it was enough to use a double page. The faint stencil marks in the background are the ones made after I had used the stencil for another page. I used a baby wipe to clean it and the shapes came out on a clean page.
The figure is made up from three different stamps.
I did some stamping on the background using distress oxides.
This post is scheduled as we are in Derbyshire to celebrate Peter's eldest brother's 80th birthday.

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Art Journal Journey -- Words to live by

On Art Journal Journey 'Words to live by' is is theme chosen by Halle of Halle's hobbies.
I am very late joining the challenge and have made a fairly simple one with the words ' Art washes away from the soul the everyday dust of life.'

Tag Tuesday -- Wings

Another bee tag for Sandie's theme of wings on Tag Tuesday, but in a different colour. Distress inks for the background and a stamp on the top. The bees were stamped, coloured and cut out.

Sunday 23 June 2019

Tag Tuesday -- Wings

For this fortnight Sandie has chosen 'Wings' as her theme on Tag Tuesday. There are so many things you can choose for this, and I decided to go for bees. There are a lot in my garden at the moment I'm pleased to say. I just wish they could get on with fertilising my veg plants.
The background is distress inked with some stamping of the hexagonal and wing marks The bees were stamped and coloured. The wings are shiny but not visible on the scan.

Thursday 20 June 2019

Thursday Journal with Neet.

This week the quote is ' What you believe in becomes true. Believe in something absurd'
The only thing I could think of after deciding on the figure, was to make up a ridiculous bird/animal, which is what I have done. Once I had started I enjoyed doing it and it came together quite quickly. Just as well really as I have been at my daughter's in Swindon for the last few days, spent a few hours in the garden when I got home, cooked dinner and then came down to my studio with not an idea in my head.
The background is distress inks with stencils used with the same colours. A bit of stamping and some glueing and it was finished.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Thursday Journal with Neet

"Dinner is poured' are this weeks words, and as my guests have only just gone, this simple one was done in a bit of a hurry. It would be nice if the rain would stop so I could hang the two loads of washing out. We did manage a trip out yesterday to Coombe Court and didn't get too wet so that relieve the pressure of entertaining them indoors.
For this page the background is distress inks and a variety of stencils. I then used two of Dyan's mask/stencils and used black paint for the figures and doodled around and in them.
I am now six weeks behind on my art courses, which is the point I usually reach at the end of March. I really must get back to it again, before I loose the will to do any more. It gets more and more impossible to catch up. I haven't bothered with any 3D ones as I am out of flat places to put them.
I wish it would stop raining as my plants are getting ruined and the iris are looking very sorry for themselves. The roses are all hanging their heads and the lawn is a soggy mess. The new work on the garden has ground to a halt, and I am thankful we didn't open the garden this year.

Monday 10 June 2019

Tag Tuesday -- Beverages

Valorise theme on Tag Tuesday is Beverages, and I was not sure where to start.
In the end I decided to go for something a bit different and after using tea dye distress ink on the background I stamped the coffee words on top with Expresso ink.
I then painted a little picture in coffee, very strong, and used like a watercolour.

Thursday 6 June 2019

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week it's "I have absolutely no desire to fit in" Now why did I choose this one and give myself a problem. In the end I went for a normal body but a weird head. I used a mop up page with some stencils.
I've been in the garden all day as a way to avoid doing the ironing and getting the guest room ready for Peter's son and wife. Having had a schoolfriend and her husband here last weekend and then my daughter the next night, it's a quick turnaround.
Must do it tomorrow and then think what to feed them with.

Sunday 2 June 2019

Tag Tuesday - Gardening

Joan's theme on Tag Tuesday is gardening. I love my garden, but have been so busy these last few weeks I have hardly had time to do any gardening, let alone make tags.
I have managed to make one with my two of my favourite flowers on, poppies and daisies.
The background is distress oxides and the flowers stamped and coloured with Derwent Intense crayons

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