Sunday 31 January 2021

Tag Tuesday - Use a photograph.

 Another tag with a photo on for my theme on Tag Tuesday. This time one of my dad who nearly always wore bow ties. It was always a good present to buy him as they seemed to wear out quite quickly. This tag in another one for my family tag book.

Saturday 30 January 2021


 One of the lessons on the art course I am doing on Life Book was a tiger in the jungle. I am not good at drawing animals as I have never really had the urge or opportunity to learn. I therefore headed into this with a bit of a wobble. The first one I sort of followed the tutor, and ended up with a friendly looking pet cat (sort of) I was happy enough with this and the tutor was OK with it, so yesterday I decided I would do my own thing with something that looked like a tiger.

I am entering this in Art Journal Journey where Erik's theme is 'favourite things' In this case tigers are one of my favourite big cats, and I also love leaf shapes.

Friday 29 January 2021

Paint Party Friday Week 48

 A very red robin for Paint Party Friday this week. I am making some Christmas cards with this one

I will stamp Seasons Greetings on them when my Christmas stuff is accessible again ( like next December)

Thursday 28 January 2021

Thursday Journal with Neet

 This week it's I'm not narky - I'm selectively polite.  Anne on the right has been complaining to her friend Pauline that she is being rude to some of their other friends and is very snappy when she talks to them, especially if it's something she doesn't agree with. Pauline doesn't see it as a problem and tries to say to Anne "I am not snarky, I'm selectively polite" Pauling does not agree and starts to walk off in the opposite direction.                                                                                                                                                            I have chosen the figure on the left, Pauline as I think she has the right expression and stance for her comment. Both figures are Dylusions and painted with watercolour pens. The background is a mop up page inked over with distress inks and stencils.

I am entering this in Art Journal Journey where Erika's theme is favourite things. Here they are my favourite Dylusion leaf stamps and border stencil.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Tag Tuesday - use a photograph.

 For my theme on Tag Tuesday for the next two weeks I have chosen  'use a photograph or part of one' on your tag.  I have been making a few tags picturing my family past and present. So I decided to carry on with that and have made two tags, one of my mum as a young girl and the other of my dad's sister, her husband, my young cousin Robert, my brother and myself. It is one of my favourite photographs from the 40's. I am the only one left.

Friday 22 January 2021

Paint Party Friday Week 47

For Paint Party Friday, a young woodpecker. We have had one on our peanut feeder quite often this last year with his bright red beret on his head.

Thursday 21 January 2021

Thursday Journal with Neet

 'Sorry I'm out of sugar coating are the words this week' and these were uttered by Cloe who can be seen walking out of the room below.                                                                                                                     Cecil has once again chewed Cloe's slippers for the fourth time and this time she is not going to just grin at him and tell him not to do it again. It's not funny any more, especially as she had stopped buying the ones that look like rabbits or some other animal. These were just ordinary ones like old people wear. To add insult to injury Thins the cat had clawed his way up the lovely new curtains and then put muddy paw prints all over the cream sofa. Cloe sat them both down and said "that's it you two, I'm sorry but I'm out of sugar coating". Off she strode and left them to think about it. She lives in hope. I notice that Cecil doesn't chew his own slippers, but he does look as if he's a little bit sorry, Thins just looks scared.

I am entering this in Art Journal Journey where Erika's theme is Favourite things.

Monday 18 January 2021

Tag Tuesday - Fairy Garden

 The theme on Tag Tuesday set by Michele is Faery Garden, I have very little in that line, but after having a search of my studio found enough to put a tag together. The background is distress inked and then stamped with a variety of forgotten stamps. I added some flowers for the fit the garden part of the theme.

Friday 15 January 2021

Paint Party Friday Week 46

 A kingfisher this time for Paint Party Friday

Thursday 14 January 2021

Thursday Journal with Neet

 'I have neither the time or the crayons to explain it to you' are the words this week. Once again I have left it to the last minute. I sprayed the background with Dylusion inks and then added some Distress inks and used some of my favourite stencils in the background.  Gloria on the left has told her friend Annabel that she just does not want to go the the shops with her. She doesn't want anything and she hates shopping. Annabel does not understand and Gloria says "I have neither the time or the crayons to explain it to you"

I am entering this on Art Journal Journey where Erika's theme is Favourite things. 

Friday 8 January 2021

Paint Party Friday Week 45

A new series for Paint Party Friday. As we are in lockdown and the weather if freezing I have started a series of watercolour paintings of British Birds. This is a blue tit taken from a photograph I took when we lived in Wales. He is sitting on the top of our bird feeder.

Thursday 7 January 2021

Thursday Journal with Neet

I didn't get around to doing this until last night as I had no idea how to illustrate the quote. In the end I decided on Winston the bulldog with his brother Cecil who looks just as grumpy and fed up.                  The background is distress inks over a mop up page, and the figures are all Dylusions which are some of my favourite. I really like Cecil who is sitting down and taking life easy, he still has his slippers on. Winston is getting het up about all the humans he has to deal with on a daily basis. He sees a vision of them in his head and is not a happy dog.

I am entering this on Art Journal Journey where Erika's theme is 'favourite things' There are several on here, Cecil, Distress inks and my watercolour pens.

Sunday 3 January 2021

Tag Tuesday - Numbers

 My sequel to the last number tag, for Pinky's theme on Tag Tuesday Again I made a collaged background and used different numbers, this time to celebrate a New Year, which hopefully will be better than the last one.

Friday 1 January 2021

Paint Party Friday Week 44

 This week for Paint Party Friday, a painting of peach blossom from a photo taken in a friends conservatory. I had pollinated all the flowers with a small paint brush, and there was a lot of fruit later on, so the effort paid off.

Happy and healthy New Year to you all.

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