Tuesday 29 July 2008

Gothic arch Birds

This weeks Gothic Arch swap is Birds. I just love birds, and lots of my work has birds on, but I struggled with this one. It has an inked background, stamped trees and small birds. The nest is made up of words fron the dictionary, with an image of a wren sitting on top.


Monday 28 July 2008

My Round Robin page for Paula

This is my page for Paula in Astrid's Round Robin. I have been struggling with this, as the theme, imagine, is so vast, I didn't know where to start. I know Paula likes texture, so I covered the front with crackle paste, and then inked it in rusty browns. I then made a door, inked and stamped it. The hinges, lock, and key are made out of grunge board, and distressed to look old.
When the door is opened there is a window through which you can see trees and birds. There is acetate on the window, and the surround is inked to look old.
On the back of the door I have stamped " Secrets and mysteries of the past. Memories of generations hidden under lock and key. Unlock the past and uncover the treasures of memory, lost in the dust of history. There are also some stamped images of keys and clocks.
The word imagine is made from air dry clay.

Friday 25 July 2008

Two Moo's --Favourite

The Moo challenge this week was 'Your favourite', so I have chosen vintage children. They have inked backgrounds, images applied and stamping and sari ribbon added to embellish them.


Wednesday 23 July 2008

Gothic arch Handwriting

The Gothic arch challenge this week was Handwriting. There had to be some of your own handwritng on the arch. I inked the background, and sprayed it with a gold Glimmer mist. The row of friends was added, along with a stamped branch, and some birds. I then wrote " True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare, false friends are like Autumn leaves, found everywhere. The edge of the arch has gold around it to finish it off.


Tuesday 22 July 2008

Another Moo or two

The theme for this weeks Make a moo or two was Mona Lisa and friends.Here are my attempts. They are a mixture of collage and stamping http://makeamooortwo.wordpress.com/monaandfriends

Thursday 17 July 2008

Stampboard leaf hanging

These two pieces of stampboard have been sitting on my desk for months, so in a mad moment I turned them into a little leaf hanging.
The stampboard is coloured with alcohol inks, and stamped with a small fern stamp. The leaves are all made out of shrink plastic, as are the butterfly and bird. The two pieces are strung together with wire and beads

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Gothic arch Cats

I thought as I was on a roll, I would have a go at the Gothic arch challenge, which is Cats this week. I love the stamp of the cat, he looks so miserable, and obviously wishes he was a sleek Siamese cat like the other two.
The background is inked, and then papers added. I then stamped the other images, and applied the two cats in his thought bubble.

Postcard--- Emily and the birds

Still on the bird theme, but I needed to do something larger than a Moo, so made a postcard. I inked the background, applied some backing paper in places, and then stamped a few background images. Added Emily and the birds, and doodled a bit over the top. Much happier with this.

Bird Moo or Two

As it was a bird theme this week, I thought I would have a go at the Make a Moo or Two challenge. Not easy, working on such a small scale, and I am not very happy with them. I will prehaps do some more, and see if I click with the idea.


Friday 11 July 2008

Parisienne ATCs

I think I have got a bit carried away with Margaret's theme for her new Maggies Monday Musings. Why make one, when you can do five. The theme for this first challenge is Parisienne. They are all collage of some sort, two are stamped onto fabric, and some have buttons and lace on. Two of them have shrink plastic Eiffel towers.
I really enjoyed doing these. What's next Margaret?

Monday 7 July 2008

Round Robin

At long last I have managed to do my first page of Astrids Round Robin journal. I have had a very rough month, and just haven't had the time or the inspiration to do this. I thought it would be a good idea to do one to remember our childhood. So ladies, please can you all put pictures of yourselves as children/baby. The title is When you were Young, and you can use any colour you are happy with.

My first attempt, which will be my cover I did in Autumn colours, and it was very textured. I think it would suffer in the post, so will keep it safely at home. I will put a picture on here as soon as I've finished it. Please don't hold your breath though.

After my first attempt, I decided to put a bit of colour in this one, so the background is inked and stamped. The swirls are Grunge board, and then various images put on. I have always loved birds, so a few of those flew on, plus some small buttons and a metal butterfly. The buttons by the way didn't fly on by themselves, I had to do that. The back I covered with paper and added my favourite blue poppies and another bird.

I am not really sure that I like it that much, but it will have to do.

Friday 4 July 2008

Textures, and layers

The first and last of these are packing tape image transfers, which I don't think I'll do again, as I don't really like the shiny surface it gives. The middle one is a distressed photograph. The first one is a rescued disaster. It was a very textured background of kitchen paper which misbehaved and didn't do as it should, so it got altered into something entirley different. Well you must admit it doesn't look like a seahorse does it?

Altered dominoes

It's two months since I did anything on here, life just gets in the way of art sometimes. Hopefully, I will be back on track soon, and start producing again. I have managed to finish off some ATC swaps that I had entered, ie stick the backs on, and put them in envelopes. Not a job I enjoy doing.

My head is now full of things I want to get on with, which usually brings on Artists block. Have managed one domino book and a pendant without too much trouble, so maybe my brain will cope with something more complicated.

Bird Collages

These are all for a collaged bird swap, and as I love birds, These were a pleasure to do

I have done these for a swap in America. They all had to be collaged, so I quite enjoyed doing them. They all have some stamping on, and some have inked backgrounds. All the birds are British natives

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