Thursday 31 March 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet.

 This week it's all about chocolate. The saying is "I just ate 4 boxes of thin mints ... not feeling thin though" Andrea has been out picking some Spring flowers from the garden and can see some lovely ones outside through the window. She's not really into gardening, but loves Spring and all the lovely coloured flowers. Unfortunately Andrea likes chocolate and had been given some boxes of thin mints by some of her pupils at school when it was her birthday. Her only problem was a weak willpower and as soon as she ate the first one she couldn't stop. It was after finishing the last box her guilty conscience was looming its head. After all they were thin mints and she felt that she should feel slim after all that many, who was she kidding.                                                                                                                                                                I am linking this to Valeries theme of Goddess of Spring on Art Journal Journey

Thursday 24 March 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Last minute once again, I really must get a load of figures coloured so I'm not doing them on Wednesday night. This week the words are 'I swear if my memory was any worse, I could plan my own surprise party' That sounds a bit like my husband who has an awful memory.  Sandie has gone for a walk with her friend David, it was a lovely Spring day and the flowers were beginning to show themselves. It would soon be Davids special birthday(40) and Sandie was in actual fact organising a surprise party for him in her flat. Keeping it a secret was proving very difficult and all their friends had been sworn to secrecy, and Sandie was hoping they would keep quiet about it. When the actual party was getting close and David's memory was getting worse Sandie thought that when he arrived at the party his memory was so bad he might well think he had organised it himself. If not she would have to confess to being the instigator.

I am linking this to Valeries theme of Goddess of Spring on Art Journal Journey.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Tag Tuesday - Faces

 I am hosting Tag Tuesday for the next fortnight and have chosen faces for my theme. I have used three faces that I had drawn previously, and reduced them to fit on some home made tags.

Friday 18 March 2022

Paint Party Friday - The last one

 I am really sad to see this challenge go. I have really enjoyed showing my art work here with such fabulous people. I have done a collage of some past pieces, not very good as I don't have a decent programme to do it and I am not very technical. I have also put on a portrait I did of a friends daughter.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Don't you just love the 12 seconds when the laundry is done are the words this week, and I can certainly agree with that statement.  As she had just finished all her Spring household chores, Astrid has gone to see her friend Grace and her little girl Maisie. Grace had just finished doing a huge pile of washing and was ready for a cup of coffee and a break. They discussed what they had been doing and Astrid said " don't you just love the 12 seconds when the laundry is done?" "That's about all I get" replied Grace, "Maisie has been out in the garden with Rex and has picked a lovely bunch of Spring flowers for me. The only problem with that is that with so much rain the garden is like a bog and Rex has been jumping up on Maisie and the front of her dress is now covered in mud" "It doesn't look as if the floor has done any better either" remarked Astrid.

I am linking this to Art Journal Journey where Valeries theme is The Goddess of Spring. I hope this qualifies.

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Tag Tuesday - Flowers or plants

 Michele's theme for Tag Tuesday is flowers or plants. A distress inked background with stamped images.

Friday 11 March 2022

Paint Party Friday Week 52

 I'm sorry I didn't visit you all last week, we have been trying to get my son out of Russia. He has managed to get home today, having left his stuff in his flat, he says it's terrible over there.

On Paint Party Friday this week I have a lesson with Ida Andersen. Lang to share with you.

Thursday 10 March 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Does going bra-less help pull the wrinkles out of your face are the words this week. Judith and her friend Jill have been walking in the garden and having a real serious chat about getting old, and Jill hadn't the heart to tell Judith that that outfit in red and orange with the skirt made of ties looked pretty awful and made her look old. She was a big girl already and that outfit didn't help. Jill was far too polite to tell her and they resumed their chat about grandparents and parents after they had visited them all that weekend. Judith was curious about one thing in particular and asked Jill if going bra-less helped pull the wrinkles out of your face. I doubt it said Jill, but on the other hand I've never tried. I wonder how long you would have to wait to find out they both wondered. In the end they decided they were far too young to be worrying about that yet, and would leave the decision until a lot later.

I am linking this to Art Journal Journey where Valeries theme is Goddess of Spring

Friday 4 March 2022

Paint Party Friday Week 51

 This week on Paint Part Friday I have drawn a deer.  

Thursday 3 March 2022

Thursday journal with Neet.

The words this week are 'Some people should use a glue stick instead of a chapstick'  I have used a green background so I can link to Valeries theme of Goddess of Spring on Art Journal Journey. The three friends, Veronica, Joan and Sarah have just been to a craft class in the local garden centre, where a local craft shop had demonstrated how to make cards for Mothers day. This included lots of flowers and sentiments. The girls thought some of them were a bit sloppy so wrote their own messages in their cards. After the class they decided to go for a walk as it was lovely Spring day, at least they could see some real flowers that were not covered glue. They discussed some of the other girls that were there who seemed to do nothing but grumble about making them and really didn't want to do a card for their mums. Two girls in particular spent most of their time covering their lips with chapstick, which seemed to be a bit unnecessary  as they talked so much it disappeared very quickly. Veronica said " some people should use a glue stick instead of a chapstick" Joan and Sarah thought that was a brilliant idea

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