Saturday 31 March 2012

Bird House D, E and F

As I thought, I am regretting doing this challenge, and have managed to leave them until the last day of the month again.
D for duck, I stamped the fabric with the branchy, twiggy bits, and printed fabric with ducks, I used bondaweb to attach them to the backing fabric.
E for eggs. I stamped the tree, nests and eggs onto the fabric. the top birds are shrink plastic. Then I attached the words and 3D eggs.
F for feathers is in my previous post, but I couldn't resist adding some tiny red feathers I found in the garden. These were probably from a robin or the woodpecker.

Thursday 22 March 2012

More fabric bird houses

F for feathers

R for robin W for woodpecker

Some of these I will use in my alphabet project, some are surplus, as I made them before I decided to use them in the challenge. Do you ever wish you hadn't decided to do something, I seem to be alphabet enriched at the moment.
W for woodpecker is an obvious one, and I might use the top one for F for feathers. The robin might just squeeze in for R. Watch this space.

Bird house book

A for avocet
B for bluetit and bird. C for Cage

After going on a course with Angie Hughes, I am attempting to do a bird book that covers the alphabet. A very silly thing to do as I am struggling already. The pages have various different methods for the backgrounds, some are printed onto the backing fabric, some stamped, some just coloured. I have then added printed images on calico, smaller houses, napkin images, charms, fabric paper, lutrador birds and leaves, and some shrink plastic. I have entered the A, B, and C into a challenge, and am now trying to do the next three, I need a duck, some eggs and feathers. The last two are easy, must now look for a duck image to print. The other ones that I made earlier will follow soon.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Books, books and more books

Last week I was away with five friends on a Play Away. We had a fabuous time, and are doing it again next year. Each of us led a half day session, and the general theme was books. Annie showed us how to make silk paper, that we painted and added some stamping and decoration to, these were folded into books. Turquoise was the colour I chose as usual.
Mary showed us how to make an accordian book with pelmet vilene, which we had inked up the day before. We made some embellishments by cutting up snippets of yarn and fabrics and placed them between organza and bondaweb. We then used the heat gun on them and the organza burnt away. These we placed on our books and hand stitched them on. We made ties with pelmet vilene, which we stitched. Oh dear turquoise again.
The next book was made out of friendly plastic, led by Liz of Friendly plastic fame. These were very tiny, and the only one I managed to finish was put together with organza, green this time. My project was the same as the fabric tags in my previous post. This time I did a blue one, only because Neet had the turquoise one, and if Neet hadn't had that one, Adrienne would have.
The two non book themes were etched copper metal led by Adrienne, and clay beads led by Neet. I hadn't tried either of these, and enjoyed doing something entirely different. I really enjoyed the Skinner blend and mica shift with the clay, and must do some more. I made some buttons as well, and as they are turquoise, I am bound to use them.

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