Sunday 22 January 2012

Last of the fabric tags, I think

Here are the last three colours. I struggled with the yellow one, as I have very little in that colour, the red was fun, and the purple a bit more difficult to find purple bits. The yellow looks more orange, as my camera seems to not like yellow either. I painted the pelmet vilene first, and then machine stitched the scraps of fabric, yarns etc on with a free machine stitch.
I might try to do a black one, not sure if I would have enough bits.

Friday 6 January 2012

Fabric tags

Here are the next set of colours, white which was quite difficult, as I had very little in white, and blue and turquoise, which poised no problem at all. Yellow, and purple might prove to be impossible for the next ones. Please don't hold your breath on those two. Red I think I can manage, so will do that one first.

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Time ATCs

Back onto the ATCs for a change, and as time fitted in with two swaps I made a lot of them. I also made some other art for another swap ( odd shaped art) Some of the backgrounds are embossed with folders and some with embossing powder, some inked and stamped. There are clock and cog embellishments on all of them. These were cut out on my big shot, and coloured or embossed. I really enjoyed doing these, and they are well ahead of the swap deadline.

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