Thursday 29 September 2016

Go Tag Thursday -- Movie star

Movie star is the theme on Go Tag Thursday this week. Not really my thing, but luckily I had one rubber stamp that fitted the bill. I distress inked the background and stamped with my favourite script stamp. I stamped the photo stamp on special card and cut out the die cut film strip. I printed a photo of Marilyn Monroe and added that. I placed two photos behind the film strip and finished off with a stamped ticket.

Thursday Journal page with Neet.

This week we had to include a dog on our page. I really enjoyed doing my double page spread. My background was already painted so it was just a case of choosing the dogs and what to say.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

The Craft Barn Dictionary Challenge -- X

This is my entry for the Craft Barn dictionary Challenge X. For my entry in my dictionary I have drawn a xylophone and used two cocktail sticks with beads on the ends for the hammers. The rest is stamped. I'm not sure what the dark marks are at the bottom left. The dictionary is old and a bit crumpled so I think they are marks from the back of the page.

Tag Tuesday -- Nursery Rhymes

I went for the easy option this week and did Humpty Dumpty.
The background consists of two tags, with the top one having the die cut of bricks. I glued the two tags together and cut out an egg shape for Humpty and another for his trousers. I coloured it with Intense crayons. The legs are crochet with a bead for his feet. I used die cuts for the lettering.

Humpty Dumpty wasn't someone who was obese, as was thought in the 15th Century, but was a large cannon used during the English Civil war. It was placed on the wall next to St Mary's church in the siege of Colchester in 1648. by the Royalists. The Roundheads laid siege to the town and the cannon ( Humpty Dumpty) was blown to pieces.

Monday 26 September 2016

The Craft Barn Dictionary Challenge -- X

This time on the Craft Barn Dictionary Challenge it's the dreaded X
For the tag entry I have coloured the background with distress inks and used the word Xebec which is a Mediterranean three masted vessel, used initially by Algerian pirates. They were eventually used for commerce.

Every Inchie Monday -- Briefcase

Didn't like doing this one, but did know that the briefcase was brown leather. My sewn one isn't brown as I couldn't get a needle through my brown leather, so went for my lovely soft one again.It looks as if it had been travelling around the universe for years and has become very shabby.In fact it looks more like a holdall.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Wanderlust re-cycled pouch lesson. Stamps and stencils -- Colours of Autumn

This lesson was to use one of the brown gift bags. I managed to find one that hadn't been thrown out (Note to self - Don't throw anything out)
We had to cut it into the required shape and cover the outside with scraps of printed paper. After that we used coloured scraps, mine were gelli prints from my collection. We painted on some white and black paint and made marks with stamps, pencils and pens.  After folding it I sewed  around the edge and use some cotton tape for the closure.
Stamps and stencils challenge -- Colours of Autumn.


Saturday 24 September 2016

Go Tag Thursday -- Travel

This is my second tag for Go Tag Thursday. Again the background is distress ink and this time I used stamps from all over the world.

Thursday 22 September 2016

Thursday Journal page with Neet

This week we have used Dyan's stained glass technique. I have also used a stencil on the background and doodled on various bits of it. The top one is one I have just done, the other I did on a course with Dyan, and finished off at home with the stencil and saying.

Go Tag Thursday -- Travel

This is one of my favourite themes for tags and I enjoyed making them for Go Tag Thursday.
The background is distress inked and the top tag has been die cut with a Tim Holtz thinlet. I glued the two tags together and added stamped images of Paris.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Tag Tuesday -- Cats and Dogs

Out came the small version of Tim Holtz cats and dogs for this challenge. The background is distress inked and the images stamped on separate card and coloured with intense crayons.

Monday 19 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday -- Infinity

I didn't know where to start with this one. I started by felting the sky and adding an infinity symbol with cord. For the stampbord I painted an infinity pool.

Sunday 18 September 2016

Go Tag Thursday -- Gothic

As I have been away all week, this is a quick tag that I hope fits the Gothic theme. The raven stamp is from Crafty Individuals. The topic on Go Tag Thursday this week was chosen by Zoe

Thursday 15 September 2016

Thursday Journal page with Neet

This page was done in a hurry as I am away for the next week, so needed to get it done and scheduled.
For our journal page this week we are to use old paper. Although this was my idea I floundered a bit. I ended up making a tag and using torn paper on the tag and to the sides of it. The background was a previously painted one so I used it as it was. The tags background is a gelli plate reject and it fitted the bill as far as colour was concerned. I used a Dyan stamp for the girl and some of my time stamps.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Tag Tuesday -- Children's games

Two very quick tags from me, as I am away at a friends for the rest of the week. I used previously painted tags and adhered some pictures that I thought might fit the bill. The green shows little girls playing with dolls. The red one girls playing tea party and the picture below the game of Oranges and lemons. I didn't like that game in case I was caught early in the game.

Monday 12 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday -- Sky

Two very quick ones this week as I am really busy and hardly at home to do anything. My sewn one  is felted and the stampbord one painted.

Go Tag Thursday -- Anything goes.

Anything goes is the prompt this week on Go Tag Thursday. I made a textured background to start with and had no idea what to do with it afterwards. I found this stamped image of Alice sheltering under some mushrooms and adhered that to the tag. I presume I must have used someone else stamp as I don't have that one. I coloured it with intense crayons.

Thursday 8 September 2016

The Craft Barn Dictionary Challenge in dictionary -- O

My dictionary entry for the Craft Barn challenge is O is Oriental. I have stamped various images from my Oriental stamp collection (hardly used nowadays) I coloured a few of the images and added a die cut O.

Thursday Journal page with Neet.

This week we had to put mushrooms/fungi on our page. I used an already painted page that looked as if it wanted mushrooms put on it.  I then stamped and coloured the mushrooms and then quickly ground to a halt. What do I do now. I'm not a fairy sort of person, but remembered this stamp and placed her near the mushrooms. I was then left with a big empty space above them.
The leaf stamps came out next and then I decided it needed a person to fill in the gap. The saying seemed to fit the bill to finish off.

Tuesday 6 September 2016

The Craft Barn Dictionary Challenge -- O

The dictionary challenge at The Craft Barn this time is O.  I couldn't resist doing Owls as I love them and have loads of stamps to choose from. I distress inked the background and stamped a branch and leaves with Pine needles and gathered twigs distress inks. I stamped the owls and coloured them with Intense crayons.
I added an owl charm to finish off.

Tag Tuesday -- Paper Dolls

I used to love playing with paper dolls as a child, but making one is a different story.
Luckily I had a doll die cutter and used that as a base. The rest I struggled with, the results are below.

Monday 5 September 2016

Every Inchie Monday -- Mice

The theme this week is mice. I know they are only small, but sewing two on an inch was two much for my fingers. I did manage to draw two on the stampbord.

Saturday 3 September 2016

Go Tag Thursday -- Hats

On Go Tag Thursday the theme is Hats, I had already painted some tags, and used one of these for my hat tag. I stamped various images of women in hats and hats on their own. I coloured them and placed them on my tag.

Friday 2 September 2016

Journal page -- Sand Beach Highlands of Scotland

Here is another page in my journal, this one is showing Sand Beach, which was our nearest sandy beach. The grandchildren loved it as there was a 100 foot plus sand dune that once climbed was brilliant to slide  down, I think my daughter and husband liked it as well. Claire remembered sliding down it as a child, as she was brought up in the Highlands.
The beach was opposite the islands of Raasay and Skye, which I painted a quick watercolour of.
The island in the front is Raasay, and the one in the background the island of Skye.

I then prepared the background for my page by using distress inks and a brayer. I stamped several images of shells, star fish, seaweed, and sea gulls well as some swirls and blotches.
 I then adhered the photos to the background along with a photocopy of my watercolour. At this stage I used a stencil and some texture paste to give it some texture.
I then did some journalling.
The first day we went to the beach the sun was out but it was very windy. Eleanor 2yrs 9 months was in a strop and was very tired, so Claire lay her down on a picnic rug and covered her with a towel. There she slept for 2 1/2 hours with the wind gradually covering her with sand. The children just love being on a beach and I took the opportunity to gather some shells and driftwood. You never know when they will come in useful.

I am entering this on Try it on Tuesday whose theme is Children.

Thursday 1 September 2016

The Craft Barn Dictionary Challenge -- H in a dictionary

This is my entry for The Craft Barn Challenge in my dictionary. I have chosen Hive for this one. I have used various stamps and an image of a hive. I have also coloured the pages with Wild Honey distress ink.

Thursday Journal page with Neet

This week we are to use heads and no bodies. This was one of Neet's choices and it will be interesting to see what she does. After selecting my background out of the ones I had already painted I tried to decide what to do with floating heads. My two pages had pockets at the bottom so I thought it would be fun to pop the heads on bits of card and tuck them in the pockets. No, wrong it wasn't a good idea, they kept falling out and these heads kept peeping round the edges of the journal.  Back to basics, keep them on the card bits and stick them down. Yup, that works for me. I drew some wavy lines on the page and doodled them, then stopped before I did too much.

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