Thursday 24 November 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet.

The words this week are 'Excuse me, here is your nose, I found it in my business' and are not very easy to illustrate and write a story about. My background is made with the remnants of some paint left on a stencil and wiped off onto the page with a baby wipe. I have added some collage at the bottom before adhering the figures and words to the page.

Bethan is a clothes designer for a well known store in their town, and her friend Valerie are both in Bethan's house looking through her latest designs. She is modelling one and Valerie obviously doesn't think very much of it. "For a start ' she said, "why are your wearing a hat that looks like an umbrella when you are wearing a sundress, it looks ridiculous" "I have also had a look at some of the other designs that are still in the first stages of the final design and they are just too way-out for such a sleepy backwater town like this. I think you should rethink all of them, I certainly wouldn't wear any of them" "I'm not asking you to wear any of them, said Bethan and excuse me, here is your nose, I found it in my business" Valerie was obviously not on the same wave length as Bethan and it looks as if they have totally different tastes in clothes. The best thing Valerie can do is to agree to differ and try not to say anything else, which will be very difficult.

I am linking this to Bluebeard and Elizabeths theme on Art Journal Journey which is Collage fodder and or food/drink or both.

Sunday 20 November 2022

Tag Tuesday - Put a saying on it

 Another tag for my theme on Tag Tuesday, hugs time using Crafty Individual stamps.

Thursday 17 November 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

 The snarky Tim Holtz words this week are 'I plan my whole day around the possibility of a nap' My background was made with acrylic paint left over from a painting I had just finished. I brayered it on and scratched into it. I collaged a border around it and added the figure and wording. I can now link it with Bluebeard and Elizabeth's theme on Art Journal Journey where the theme is collage, food and drink.

Enid has a rather boring life of a housewife with no hobbies. She has got into the habit of writing a list of jobs to do for each day of the week, but doing less on the weekends when hopefully her husband with take her out for a meal or a visit to somewhere interesting. Monday this week started with stripping the bed and washing the bedding. After this if she can fit it in the towels can go into the wash next. The lounge needs a good vacuuming and dusting, which means all her little collections need to come off the shelves. It's times like this that she wished she hadn't started collecting so many small pieces. After lunch the next job is to remake the bed, and clean the hob after making such a mess of it last night. Enid is now behind with her list as the hob wasn't on Mondays list. Onto the next job which is getting dinner ready, lay the table and make herself look presentable. By this time she has had enough, especially as she plans her whole day around the possibility of a nap.

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Tag Tuesday - Add a saying/quote

I am hosting Tag Tuesday for the next two weeks and have chosen Add a saying/quote to your tag. My first tag is on haberdashery and has a lot of sewing type ephemera. The second and third ones have distress inked backgrounds and Tim Holtz vintage figures. The third one the quote is on a water-coloured piece of card with the quote embossed with black embossing powder.


Thursday 10 November 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

 I am unable to comment on some blogs and I seem unable to rectify this at the moment, so I am not ignoring some of you. I think Elizabeth is having the same problem.

A penny for your thoughts seems a little pricey are the Tim Holtz snarky words for this week. I have used some collage on the background so I can link this to Bluebeard and Elizabeths theme of collage/ food and drink on Art Journal Journey.

Astrid and her cousin Glenys are having an in depth discussion about politics, the state of the world and men. After a while Glenys sat on the floor and went very quiet. She had recently had huge a problem with her latest boyfriend, but had kept the knowledge from her cousin. It hadn't been a very good experience and she really didn't want to let Astrid know what an idiot she had been. She really should have looked more into his background. After four months of seeing him regularly, Glenys had found out he was married with two small children. She was absolutely mortified and couldn't cope with telling anyone, especially family. She knew her parents and cousin would get mad with her, so she just sat quietly thinking about it. Astrid was getting somewhat impatient with her silence on the subject of men as she wanted to hear all about Glenys’s new boyfriend, and was beginning to think perhaps it wasn't worth listening to. The only thing that came into her head was to say to Glenys "A penny for your thoughts seems a little pricey at the moment"

Wednesday 9 November 2022

Tag Tuesday - Anything goes

 Sandie is hosting Tag Tuesday with the theme of Anything goes. I am trying to get back to my textiles and  have a fabric tag made with scraps of fabric on a dyed piece of pelmet Vilene.

Thursday 3 November 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

The words this week are If you met my family you would understand. I am linking this to Art Journal Journey where Elizabeth and Bluebeard have chosen Collage fodder and/or food and drink as their theme. I have collaged the whole page and then added my Dylusion figures and text on top.   Andrea has been to visit her new friend Natalie and this was her first visit to their house. She knew her new friend was a bit different, but how different she didn't realise until she arrived. Natalies parents were out and Andrea was ushered straight up to Natalies bedroom so they could have a good chat and listen to some music. Andrea came from a fairly normal family and had had an uneventful life so far. When she entered the room she didn't know where to look next. The whole room looked like an explosion in a paint shop, every colour seemed to be represented, and the walls were all different colours and looked like a tin of paint had just been thrown at them. Andrea didn't quite know what to say, apart from " It's very colourful, how did you make the walls look like that ?" She thought that was quite polite in the circumstances. Natalie said "Oh I just threw a tin of paint all over them and moved the paint about a bit with my hands" "Gosh don't your parents mind"asked Andrea. " Good heavens no said Natalie "If you met my parents you would understand"

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