Thursday 31 December 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet

 For the final week of a horrible year the words are 'Yoga class,  I thought you said pour a glass'                    Neet thought this would be a suitable one for the seeing in of the New Year. The background is a mop up page with some added into fill in the white bits. The figures are Dylusions and painted with my usual watercolour pens.    Sonia on the left is a fitness person and manages to contort her limbs into the yoga positions, while her friend Katy is more than happy to see the New Year in with a glass of wine or two. Not only that, but she is happy enough with her figure and yoga is not her thing.                                          I am entering this in Tracy's theme of 'The meaning of' on Art Journal Journey                                                                                                      

We have quite a bit of snow here so I am busy in my studio, watercolour painting and getting ahead of some of the challenges. 

Tuesday 29 December 2020

Tag Tuesday - Numbers

 For the next fortnight Pinky has chosen Numbers as her theme on Tag Tuesday. It looks as if I went for a similar idea as Pinky with the numbers I have chosen.  I did a collage background and then used a variety of different numbers to place on top.

Friday 25 December 2020

Paint Party Friday Week 43

This is a watercolour of Sand Bay in the Highlands of Scotland for this week on Paint Party Friday. It is on the West coast and a favourite place for my family. My grandchildren love this bay as there is a huge sand dune that they love to slide down.  It overlooks the island of Raasay.

Thursday 24 December 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet

As it's Christmas Eve today I have scheduled this post. The Christmas words this week are 'Xmas calories don't count'  Celia has put on a lovely calorie rich spread for her best friend Tara, and insists that as it's Christmas that the calories don't count. She might be able to fool some people, but Tara does not look convinced. She is now wondering how to get out of eating such a sugar loaded plateful, especially as she had a huge Christmas dinner only a few hours before. Honestly that is far too much for two of them, so she might try to persuade Celia to take the whole lot down to the local Care home where her Mum is. Hopefully the good turn might save her having to eat it.

I am also entering this on Art Journal Journey for Tracy's theme of 'The meaning of'

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Tag Tuesday - Christmas 2

 Sand's theme on Tag Tuesday is Christmas The tree is made from plastic and decorated with stoping and stars. The pine at the bottom is from a decoration

Friday 18 December 2020

Paint Party Friday Week 42

 For Paint Party Friday an other painting of Flowers, this time a moth orchid. I used to have a lot of these orchids, but they all had scale insect problems so they had to go. It seems impossible to get rid of the pests.

Thursday 17 December 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet.

 As we approach Christmas our next two quotes relate to that time of year.  This one is 'Dear Santa, is it too late to negotiate ?                                                                                                                                        I'm afraid Malcolm and his brother Henry have both been a bit naughty this year, and they haven't made any effort to improve as you can see by the scribbles all over the lounge wall. Their mum has told them that Santa will think twice about leaving them presents if things don't improve. They have decided to write Santa a letter and try a bit of smooth talking. I expect Santa will give in eventually, but they are going to have to clean that wall up first, along with some other little jobs their mum has lined up.

I am entering this in Art Journal Journey where Tracy's theme is 'The meaning of' this I think means that it is a lot better if you do the jobs you are supposed to do in a reasonable time and not put off the ones you really don't want to do.

Sunday 13 December 2020

Tag Tuesday - Christmas

 Christmas is the theme set by Sandie on Tag Tuesday.  I covered the tag with some gold shiny paper, cut out some pine trees and put some snow on them with puff paint.I added a deer and a die cut star.

I am a bit late as we have been trying to get my son back to Russia where he lives. What with lockdown and everything else it has been very time consuming. He is off to the Russian Embassy tomorrow to pick up his visa which has had to be reissued as the time had run out. His six weeks here has turned into four months. His two sisters came over today to say goodby and his niece and nephews come over on Tuesday after school to give him his Christmas presents. 

Friday 11 December 2020

Paint Party Friday Week 41

 My entry for Paint Party Friday this week is a watercolour of a cyclamen.

Thursday 10 December 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet

 'Stable is a place where horses live' are the words for this week. All I could think of doing for this one's was to use Winston the dog. He has spent most of his life living in luxury in the house and now Celia his owner has built him a lovely kennel outside near the rest of the barns, comprising a large stable and his new home. Winston is not amused and you can see by his face that that was not on his wish list for Christmas. His answer to this is "A stable is where horses live" He is virtually human and he is finding this a very unsuitable move. I wonder who will win !

I am also entering this in Art Journal Journey where the theme is "The meaning of' set by Tracey. The meaning of this one one is ' It's hard to reverse your actions with someone you have spoilt'

Friday 4 December 2020

Paint Party Friday - Week 40

 Flowers in a bottle for Paint Party Friday. I still have flowers out in my garden, the primroses are in full bloom, and the odd rose is still managing a burst or two. Our Winters are certainly getting wetter and I still have loads of things to plant.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Cleaning, I just sweep the room with a glance are the words this week. Not sure where to start with this one, but thought her posture and face said it all. She had the floor painted black so you couldn't see the dirt, and even the cat is looking at it as if it's too dirty to walk on. I bet the top of those pictures has a layer of dust on them. Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today. I keep telling my husband that, but he suddenly goes deaf. If I don't keep up to that maxim, then it gets me down.                                                         I am also entering this in Art Journal Journey where Tracy's them is 'the meaning of'                                    I hope this qualifies.

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Art Journal Journey _ The meaning of

 'The meaning of' is the new theme on Art Journal Journey this month hosted by Tracey' As she explained it's really anything goes.  I have a simple collaged page in my junk journal with a bird, nest and eggs plus a lovely little rhyme: The birds they sang at break of day  Start again I heard them say, Don'y dwell on what has passed away, Or what is yet to come.

Wise words I think after the nightmare of 2020.


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