Thursday 27 April 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 The theme on Art Journal Journal set by Elizabeth is 'Reuse, recycle and repurpose. So for this page I have used some wrapping paper for the sea and some printed paper of my own for the sand. The head on the left is from one of my own drawings that I had reduced to a smaller size to fit on a tag at some point.      I used distress oxides for the sky.

The words this week are 'Sorry for the mean hurtful things I said to you' Hazel and her friend Lexi are walking on the beach and it's a very quiet Sunday afternoon with hardly anyone in sight. They had previously been in an argument about the idea of walking on the beach in the Winter instead of staying indoors and doing some art work. Hazel wanted to go to the beach and Lexi was all for staying in the warm. Hazel told Lexi that it would do her good and blow the cobwebs away, instead of sitting around in her craft room. Lexi of course didn't agree. As far as she was concerned walking on the beach was a waste of time, doing some art or shopping was her idea of a relaxing time. She then went on a rant about Hazels obsession with a good diet and drinking lots of water and suddenly realised that Hazel was walking away from her and realised she had gone too far and said too much. She really didn't want to fall out with her so she said " Sorry for the mean hurtful things I said to you, I really didn't want to fall out with you. Do you think we could just do a short walk"

Thursday 20 April 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet.

'Words cannot express how much I just don't care' are the words this week from Tim Holtz snarky comments. Amanda stood with her hands in her pockets, looking at her best friend and suddenly realising that she didn’t really know her very well. It was a lovely Spring day and all Amanda wanted to do that day was a leisurely stroll in the countryside to see which of the trees had burst into leaf and to perhaps sketch some of the wild flowers. It had been raining for what seemed like weeks and she just wanted to be outside in the fresh air, and the sun was also peeping from around some of the fluffy white clouds. Amanda had asked her best friend to go with her, but Sheila was dressed for shopping which seemed to be her favourite pastime. Amanda did her best to persuade her to go with her and see the lovely Spring countryside and leave the Winter blues behind. Sheila just looked at Amanda as if she was an alien, and said “ words cannot express how much I just don’t care” Amanda knew then that she would be doing the walk on her own and that if Sheila had come with her she probably wouldn’t be able to do any sketching. It was a walk that was maybe best done alone, and she didn’t want to fall out with Sheila, it would be childish. 

I am linking this to Elizabeths  theme on Art Journal Journey which is 'Reuse, recycle. and Repurpose.

Thursday 13 April 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 'She could see no good reason to act her age' are the snarky comments from Tim Holtz this week. I used Distress oxides on the background with a stencil to give it some texture. To comply with Elizabeths theme of Recycle, reuse, repurpose  on Art Journal Journey. I have used some old newspaper and a photocopy of some pebbles that I have been working on in my stones journal.

Amy had been staying with her Grandparents for the weekend and had just been brought home. As soon as her dad asked her if she enjoyed the visit  Amy said "yes but their bungalow is all painted white or cream and it's really boring. Grandma and grandad are really sweet, but they don't really understand children any more" Her dad said, "Well you wait and see what mum has done to our bedroom, you will be really surprised" Amy could hardly wait to see it and was somewhat surprised when she entered the bedroom.  "Good grief Mum it looks like a teenager's room, not for people your age, it's awful"  "Well I like it and it will look better when I've finished painting the pebbles on the skirting board and painted the wooden flooring . At the moment it's covered in newspaper so I don't splash the wrong colours on it. "For goodness sake Mum grow up" said Amy. Her mum just shrugged her shoulders and could see no good reason to act her age.

Thursday 6 April 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet,

This snarky saying would suit me perfectly. It is 'I've got it all together, but I forgot where I put it. The number of times I loose things in my studio, I think I have a poltergeist who deliberately hides them. The two friends, Amy and Emily are going to their local village hall where a group of craft ladies are making cards to sell for a church charity. Amy is very well organised and has everything ready to go. Her friend Emily is a bit of a scatterbrain and has arrived empty handed. "Where is all your stuff ? Amy asks, "Well it's like this, I've got it all together but I forgot where I put it. It's all in a bag and I've looked all over the place, and I just can't find it. I thought it would be better to arrive on time instead of spending another hour looking for it" " Well I suppose that was better than not turning up at all. Lets tip all my things on the floor and see if there is enough to share, but you will have to make sure you sit next to me and not let that Mrs Nosey Parker split us up like she did last time" "OK , that's very kind of you, I'll make sure to take enough for both of us for next meeting, thank you, you are a really good friend" said Emily.

Elizabeths theme for this month on Art Journal Journey is Recycle, reuse, repurpose. I have used old rapping paper at  the bottom, a failed gelli print at the top, some old rub ons  and a few of my watercolour test pieces that I was going to throw away.


Tuesday 4 April 2023

Tag Tuesday - Spring colours Yellow /green

 I am hosting the challenge for the next two weeks on Tag Tuesday with the theme of Spring colours Yellow/green. I have seen several bees flying around so have based my tags on Bees.

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