Thursday 30 June 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

Good morning, No such thing, are the words this week and Felix the cat is taking centre stage. Felix is very fond of fish, and although his owner Angela buys him special fish cat food, he has a strong liking for the fish as fresh as possible. He has been helping himself to breakfast every morning before Angela gets up and this morning was just going to be the same. Angela comes into the lounge and greets Felix with a cheerful "Good morning" Felix mutters under his breath so only he can hear, "good morning, no such thing" To Felix's annoyance Angela has bought a lid for the tank and Felix can no longer get in to pinch any fish. He is not happy, but the fish are. I am linking this to Mia's theme of fish on Art Journal Journey

Thursday 23 June 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week we have the words 'Lets talk soon because I miss the sound of my voice' Natalie has been having a really boring Sunday in the house, it's too hot to go outside, and she hasn't the energy to do housework. She could do some crafting, but didn't really feel like doing that either. She had her goldfish and the cat but they obviously couldn't talk back, so there was no point talking to them.Natalie decided to phone her best friend Amy but found only a message on the answering machine to say she would get back to her. Natalie left her a message "lets talk soon because I miss the sound of my own voice. 

I am linking this to Mia's theme on Art Journal Journey where her theme is Fish.

Monday 20 June 2022

Tag Tuesday - Use a die cut.

 Valerie's theme on Tag Tuesday is use a die cut. I used Distress inks on the background and a die cuts of a seahorse and seaweed. I added some net and shells to finish it off.

Thursday 16 June 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

'Don't be ridiculous, a real woman is never too old' are the words this week, and to make it fit with Mia's theme of Fish on Art Journal Journey the following story came straight into my mind. Gloria had decided to take up deep sea diving and could hardly wait to tell her friend Daisy. Daisy just stared at her and said are you completely mad, you can't just suddenly decide to take up deep sea diving, like your were just going to do some gym exercises. For goodness sake look at the size of the manual and that's probably written for people with some knowledge. Yes I know it says for dummies, but even so you are far too old to take on that sort of sport. Gloria looked rather hurt and said 'Don't be ridiculous, a woman is never too old" Well I know I am said Daisy, and you are the same age.

Thursday 9 June 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

Rather than agreeing to disagree, why don't you just be quiet. These are the words for this week in our Dylusions journal, and for the theme on Art Journal Journey set by Mia which is Fish. Tina had dressed in her new outfit as she was going out for the day with her friend Joy. She was really looking forward to a trip to London followed by the theatre in the evening. When Tina saw Joy she was horrified with the clothes Joy had chosen to wear for their long delayed trip to the capital. Good grief Joy where on earth did you get that awful dress from, it's has fish on, and you have a fish fascinator on your head as well. Joy was very upset about the remarks, and told Tina that she loved fish and had had the dress made especially, and she thought the fish fascinator finished it off nicely. Joy loved it and Tina was in full throttle with her disapproval, and Joy felt a row brewing. She didn't want to spoil their trip so said to Tina "rather than agreeing to disagree, why don't you just be quiet" Tina actually decided not to retaliate and did as Joy suggested, she went very quiet, knowing they would be friends agin in a few minutes. She could after all ignore the dress.

Thursday 2 June 2022

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Another day of outward smiles and inward screams are the words this week. Freda is not having a good day, for a start it's half term so Micky is home and getting into his usual antics. His can be quite a good boy, and really kind but sometimes he can be very naughty. As far as Micky is concerned he is having a be kind to mum day. They were going to have fish and chips for supper but it was a public holiday so the fish and chip shop was closed. His mum had asked him if egg and chips would do instead and he really didn't fancy that. Mickie's solution was a simple one, he had a net, they had a goldfish pond, no problem. So off he goes when mum was busy and sat patiently by the pond waiting for one to swim into his net. He had been very clever and had put some fish food in the net first. If it didn't work with their fish the next door neighbour had a pond as well. Luckily for the neighbours Micky managed to catch two fish, and took them in to show his mum, proud as punch. His mum didn't quite know how to react apart from hoping they were still alive so she could put them back into the pond. She explained to him that they didn't eat that sort of fish and smiled at him so he wouldn't feel too bad, inwardly she was screaming. Freda thought as he had been very thoughtful they would go to the supermarket and buy some frozen fish and chips that they could cook straight away in the oven.

I am linking this to Mia's theme of fish on Art Journal Journey

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