Thursday 31 January 2008

Friendly plastic play

Friendly Plastic

I am waiting for the Gesso to dry on an altered book, I am doing with a friend, so on here trying to catch up with my craft journey.
I have been having a play with my friendly plastic, as I needed a break from buttons, Zettis, doodles, and jigsaw pieces. So, before I do my final pieces for my own jigsaw, I had a play.
The only trouble with gluing a lot of friendly plastic onto a card is it makes the card go banana shaped, even heavy weights won't get the bend out of it. I must have another go, and try something else

Thursday 24 January 2008

Button Fairies

Button Fairies

Our new swap with the group are Button fairies. These are so addictive, but how many button fairies do you need?? I used to love playing with Mum's button tin as a child, and things haven't improved. The difference being:
a) I am now old enough to have better things to do with my time, but more important,
b) The buttons are now MINE.
Had great fun doing these, but I must now put the tin away, and do some ATCs to swap.

Altered Jigsaw pieces The final two

Altered Jigsaw Pieces: The final two
I have now finished Jan's and Maureen's jigsaw pieces, and they will go off in the post tomorrow.

These two I found the most difficult, especially the Retro one. No going back now, unless I scrape it all off and start again, and I don't think they are that bad.

Monday 21 January 2008

Encaustic art

Encaustic Art

Another one of my favourite techniques, Ironing, not the clothes, but with wax. The effects you can get are amazing, and I find it very relaxing. They never turn out as you wish, but there are some great happy accidents. I have put a few samples on for you to see

Altered jigsaw piece

Altered jisaw Piece
This one is for a 50's swap. A challenge, as it's difficult to remember what was around then, apart from me of course. Not quite the swinging 60's, but nearly. It was the days when records could break if you dropped them, so I attached these with wire.

Altered jigsaw pieces

Altered Jigsaw Pieces

These altered jigsaw pieces are for a six way jam swap with the group I belong to. We have each chosen our theme, and sent off the pieces to the relevent folks
These are the ones I have done so far

Trudy's Autumn

Sherry's Beautiful Vintage women

Nicks Angels

Dotee Dolls

These Dotee dolls, invented by Dot in Australia, are great fun to make. Our group has just completed a swap with them. Here is my version of it. She is called Tattie, an Indian princess. She is made out of Indian silk, brought back by my daughter from a holiday in Northern India.

It's a very difficult fabric to work on, as it's frays like mad.

Sunday 20 January 2008

Seahorse Plaques

Seahorse Plaques

I made these plaques from waste cardbord boxes, cutting out the heart shapes, and sticking them together to form a a thickness of approx 1/2 cm. I then filled in any gaps at the side with polyfiller, and coated the whole with gesso. After it had dried, I inked the background, and stuck on the clay and card seahorses, and embellisments. these included netting from a bath thingy, micro beads, fibres and fabric. The hangers and dangly bits are wire and beads

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