Thursday, 24 January 2008

Button Fairies

Button Fairies

Our new swap with the group are Button fairies. These are so addictive, but how many button fairies do you need?? I used to love playing with Mum's button tin as a child, and things haven't improved. The difference being:
a) I am now old enough to have better things to do with my time, but more important,
b) The buttons are now MINE.
Had great fun doing these, but I must now put the tin away, and do some ATCs to swap.


Artyfax said...

Bloomin' marvellous. John

Agnes the Red said...

These are wonderful Wendy and great inspiration for me and my part in the swap.

Lankylill said...

Lovely lovely art work- have you now got the button fairys out of your system lol- they are beautiful Wendy x


Fantastic fairy's Wendy, an inspiration to us all.
Have you managed to put the button box down now. lol

smellihelli said...

i think they are adorable!!!! Can't you do a button fairyswop?? ;) - I wanna have a go now x

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