Thursday, 31 January 2008

Friendly plastic play

Friendly Plastic

I am waiting for the Gesso to dry on an altered book, I am doing with a friend, so on here trying to catch up with my craft journey.
I have been having a play with my friendly plastic, as I needed a break from buttons, Zettis, doodles, and jigsaw pieces. So, before I do my final pieces for my own jigsaw, I had a play.
The only trouble with gluing a lot of friendly plastic onto a card is it makes the card go banana shaped, even heavy weights won't get the bend out of it. I must have another go, and try something else


Jinny say's said...

very tactile and nicely coloured pieces-- I have had FP since last year, saw it demo'ed at craft show and thought wow- but not done much with it since- might get it out and read up on it- keep up the beautiful work Jin x

Liz welch said...

Hi Wendy,

All you have to do to "un-banana" the FP is to forcibly bend it back into shape whilst it is still vaguely warm. It needs to be cold enough not to have any soft areas where you will leave fingerprints, but it still stays bendy enough to be forced flat for quite a while. Just bend it the other way until it goes flat.
If you want some more ideas or techniques take a look at my personal pages I am a seasoned FPer, but a brand new blogger.
I love the way you use your FP by the way.


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