Monday 31 May 2010

Playing with Lutrador

I have been playing with some Lutrador, and various fibres this weekend, and have managed to make three needle cases with the piece. First of all I painted the lutrador with Jacquard textile paint, and heated it with a heat gun to distress it. I ironed on a few Angelina fibres, and some foil. I then added some dyed muslin, painted and heated Tyvek, and did some free machine embroidery on top, with some pelmet vilene underneath to stiffen it. The individual cases have beads sewn onto them, and some fancy yarn.

Monday 24 May 2010

Collaborative quilt

We are making a quilt in one of the groups I belong to. We have each chosen a subject, and we have made two 4" squares for each person. We will then put the quilt together when we have all the squares. My subject was vintage, as was one of the others. the others chose, faces, flowers, nature, and owls. Here are my efforts.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Finished at last

This is a set of drawers that I started ages ago, and just made myself finish.
The drawers are covered in metal, most of which have been embossed, sanded, painted or alcohol inked. The drawer knobs are a mixture of beads,, with a few of the original wooden ones painted to match the metal

Crafty Individuals course

Spent a great two days in Yarm on the Crafty Individuals weekend course, and made the two pieces of work above. I just love working with houses, so this suited me very well. We used house and tree blanks and either covered them with backing paper, or collaged them. Images were then inserted in the windows, and embellished with charms, flowers etc. One set were placed into a wooden box, and the others into a row. They are both very 3D

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