Sunday 24 April 2011

Gothic arches -- Birds

I am being a very bad blogger at the moment, it's the weather's fault. As well as putting the bungalow up for sale, I am trying to de-clutter, what a hopeless task.
Off that depressing subject, and onto some gothic arches I made for a swap, all in one of my favourite subjects, birds.
They are all a mixture of inking, stamping and collage.

Sunday 3 April 2011

Printed fabric brush roll

For a recent swap, we had to print our own fabric, then make our partner something with it. Knowing my partner was an extremely good artist, I thought a watercolour brush holder would be useful. I printed the fabric with a foam stamp that I had made on an Angie Hughes course. I used lumiere paints in two colours. I then put in some thin wadding and machined over it first of all with a variegated orange thread, and then criss crossed it with a metallic one.
I made a backing with the openings for the brushes, and sewed the whole thing together.
Pattie was really pleased with it.

Journal page 3

This months journal heading for PDA was roses. Not the easiest of subjects as far as I'm concerned, but roses it is. I covered the page with lace which had roses on, made and embossed a door, and put grungboard hinges and lock on it. Behind the door I covered a piece of card with a rose napkin, and found this French looking guy with a bunch of roses in his hand. I then put roses round the door, with a big metal one at the top, I think John likes it !!!!


I could use my grandson Max as an excuse for not doing anything on here for well over a month. I can only blame him for 10 days when we looked after him when Claire and Jonathon went for a much needed break. After 10 days, I needed one myself.
Here are a few photos of him, the bottom one, he is learning to clap when you say 'good boy'. The top one, he is looking a lot more innocent than he is.

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