Sunday 29 March 2020

Tag Tuesday - Bunnies and Butterflies.

Another tag for Michele's theme of Bunnies and Butterflies on Tag Tuesday. This time I covered the tag with deli paper that had been sprayed with inks. I crumpled the deli paper to give it some texture.
I then used some die cuts of leaves and butterflies to add to the stamped rabbit.

Thursday 26 March 2020

Tag Tuesday -- Bunnies and Butterflies

Bunnies and Butterflies is the theme on Tag Tuesday, chosen by Michele. My tag is sprayed with Dylusion inks and stamped on the left, with stamped and coloured butterflies on the right. I added a wooden button at the top.
 I have spent the last five days in the garden, and am beginning to get topsides with the planting, especially the new hedge. We did have a few dodgy moments felling the huge cypresses hedge with my hubby not being a born lumberjack. How he expected me (all 5ft of me) to catch the blumming things as they toppled over, I don't know.

Thursday Journal with Neet.

'If the young only knew, if the old only could' are the words this week.  I found this one difficult and didn't know where to start.  The only thing I  could think of doing was to just choose figures and think about it for a few days.
Making the young ones doing something a bit dangerous and having the grown up wishing she could still do something dangerous as well was the end result.
The background is Dylusion inks with stencils.
I think there is enough green to add to Eileen's theme of green on Art Journal Journey.

We have had three days of sunshine so I have done loads of gardening, well weeding mostly and started planting a new mixed hedge to replace the cypresses one which was horrible. The main problem is the roots left by the trees which are near the surface. My back is killing me so must be careful. It's so frustrating not being able to get out, but the garden will benefit.

Friday 20 March 2020

Tag Tuesday - Women/Feminine/Mothers day

On Tag Tuesday Pinky's theme is Women./Feminine/Mothers Day, and I have made an orange tag for a change. The background is Distress inked and I used three small feminine pictures to illustrate the theme. I added sari ribbon and flowers.

Thursday 19 March 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet.

'Be bold, or Italic, never Regular' these were the words this week and a really difficult one to portray. I messed about with lots of my figures and different heads and decided on this one. It's bold if nothing else, and apart from making her lean on an angle I was really stumped. I thought that her head attire was fairly bold, I mean who goes around with deer on their heads. I already had a green background so dressed her in green and red, her pet bird also is in the same colours. I can therefore add its to Eileen's theme on Art Journal Journey as her theme is green.

 As we will soon be confined to the house as we are over 70 I should get plenty of time to keep up with my art work, especially as there is a likelihood that our course exhibition will be cancelled as well. The weather is awful as usual so gardening is out as well. What a situation the world is in, it's depressing.
So I'll oil the sewing machine and get lots of work done. I could even get my journal pages done well in advance, but don't hold your breath on that one.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Tag Tuesday

Pinky's theme on Tag Tuesday is  ' Women/ Mothers day/ Feminine' and I have made a fabric tag with a photograph printed onto fabric. The base is on Muslin with a surround of lace, scrim and beads. I added a fabric butterfly for a splash of colour.

Thursday 12 March 2020

Thursday journal page with Neet

'You look like I need a drink' are the words this week.
The mum on the left has had enough, her three children have scribbled all over the green wall with a pot of dark green paint. Her friend and cat look like they are quite relaxed about it, it's obviously not her wall. She is fairly sympathetic as she doesn't have any children, but thinks she needs a drink.

I am entering this in Art Journal Journey where Eileen's (The artful crafters) theme is green

I am away from Wednesday to Saturday so this a scheduled post. Wednesday to Thursday, I am on my textile course doing last minute things for the exhibition in May. Wednesday night I am off to Birmingham for Clannad's farewell concert, after 50 years in the music industry. One of my favourite groups. We are all going, my two daughter and Peter, so I will be driving to Newport in the morning and back at lunch time, Peter can drive to Birmingham as I will then be back to Newport the next day,
Friday I am on another course. Saturday I am going to do absolutely nothing (fat chance)

Sunday 8 March 2020

Tag Tuesday -- Paris

My last tag for Sandie's theme of Paris on Tag Tuesday. This time a more romantic one with lace and flowers
I have spent the last two days in the garden, and can hardly believe we haven't had any rain for two whole days. Spoke too soon, we had rain overnight. We are on clay here and it's really hard work digging. Perhaps I should be planting water plants and not garden ones.

Friday 6 March 2020

Tag Tuesday -- Paris

Another tag for Tag Tuesday, where Sandies theme is Paris. This time I have used some printed pictures as well as some stamping, I have put a charm of the Eiffel Tower and some postage stamps.

Thursday 5 March 2020

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week the words are" Don't talk to me after my coffee either"
The background is Distress inks and the use of a few stencils and stamping. The colours are a lot brighter than this in real life. The lady on the left and her daughter are wondering what on earth they said to upset their friend, even Freddie the dog looks a bit surprised. The lady on the right with her blue pinafore dress (umbrella skirt idea pinched from Neet) just grabs her coffee and leaves them wondering.

I am so near the end of my large journal it is very difficult to photograph them, so excuse the uneven edges. The light is also very poor today.

Monday 2 March 2020

Tag Tuesday -- Paris

Another tag for Sandie's theme of Paris on Tag Tuesday.
I used the same paper as the last one and a few different images, some charms and flowers.
I have just come in from two hours in the garden, planting some young plants out out from last years sowings. They can take their chance with the frost or drowning.
I am frozen, so hiding in my studio for a while before dinner calls.

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