Thursday 30 March 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 'She was tempted to cause a scene' are the snarky words this week, and Grace is at her sister Sophia's house and they having their usual argument about who's turn it was to go round to their parents and make sure they didn't need anything and to do any necessary housework. It was a job neither of them liked and it always ended up in a full blown debate. Generally the parents managed on their own, but recently they didn't seem to be managing very well. Sophia always seemed to be too busy to do as much as Grace did and the resentment was building up. Grace was a very tidy and methodical person and liked everything in its place, and she was gradually getting her parents place ship shape to make it easier to keep clean and tidy. Sophia on the other hand was more concerned in how she looked and certainly didn't look like she was going to do housework dressed as she was with that bright white collar on her dress and wearing fancy shoes. Grace had told Sophia that it was her turn and that the oven needed cleaning. That did it, no way was Sophia going to clean an oven, she didn't even do her own. All Grace could do was to rush home,  get out of her going out clothes and change into jeans and tee shirt and do it herself, there was just no point in arguing. She would make sure that next week she would have meeting to go to, so that Sophia would have to do it.  She was tempted to cause a scene but decided it wasn't worth falling out over.

Friday 24 March 2023

Tag Tuesday - Your favourite theme.

 Your Favourite theme is the subject chosen by Sandie on Tag Tuesday. I was hard pushed to select just one, but went with Time/Steampunk .

Thursday 23 March 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Tim's snarky comment this week is 'Coffee keeps me going until it's acceptable to drink wine' Beth had gone round to see her friend Mandy and as usual Mandy was sitting on the floor again going nothing. Beth had her favourite outfit on and was rather keen on Mandy joining her on a visit to see her parents. Beth had decided to drop out of the English course at the local college, and try her hand at dress design instead. She loved clothes and could draw well so instead of going into teaching she could get into the fashion world and earn far more money. She realised she would have to be really good at it to actually get a good job. Her biggest problem were her parents who wanted her to teach just like they did. All she wanted from Mandy was some backup to help try to persuade them it was a great idea,. They had both decided it was much better to do something you like rather than struggle. Making Beth's parents agree with them was not going to be easy. "Please come with me instead of sitting there drinking coffee, it doesn't look as if you have much else to do at the moment and I would be really grateful" said Beth. Rather than agree to go with Beth straight away on what she considered a waste of time, Mandy said "Coffee keeps me going until it's acceptable to drink wine' after I've had the wine I might consider going with you"

I am linking this to Valeries theme of Anything goes on Art Journal Journey 

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Art Journal Journey - Anything goes

 Another face for Valeries theme on Art Journal Journey where her theme is anything goes. This is a collage in my journal where I used old book pages for the background, and then scraped on some white paint, and then drew a face on top.

Saturday 18 March 2023

Tag Tuesday - Birds

 Another tag for Valeries theme of birds on Tag Tuesday. This time a kingfisher.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 'Surround yourself with Tacos, not negativity' are the words this week.  Never having had a taco I had to look it up. Not so for Gloria who was trying to explain what they were to her friend Rosie who was as oblivious to their part in the food chain as I was. Rosie led a very healthy life style and was  managing to keep to her teenage weight. She was also very active and as far as Gloria was concerned, Rosie can’t possibly be having much fun, if she spent all her time worry about what she was eating and using all her energy up doing exercises. Not only that but she grumbled all the time about what Gloria was eating and said that she spent too much time watching television and sitting eating rubbish like crisps and chocolate. Gloria didn’t care, she would worry about that when she was older. Rosie said that was the wrong attitude and Gloria should do something now. Gloria was getting a bit annoyed and all she could think of saying to Rosie without falling out with her was “ Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity ” Gloria did try to verify this by offering Rosie one and tell her how delicious they were.    I am linking this to Art Journal Journey where Valerie’s theme is Anything goes.

Sunday 12 March 2023

Tag Tuesday - Birds

 Valerie is hosting Tag Tuesday for this fortnight and has chosen birds as her theme.

Thursday 9 March 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

For this week the words are 'Confession, my yoga pants have never been to yoga' Mandy was having a restful few hours during the weekend sitting on the floor of her lounge reading when her friend Beth came in for a chat.  Beth had just been to town and had gone into the local college to see what what was on offer for the next term. She fancied doing English literature or something different for a change. Beth mentioned the English literature first which immediately brought a quick response from Mandy who told her she liked to pick her own reading material and didn't want anyone else telling her what to read. It reminded her of school where you spent most of the lessons trying to figure out why the author wrote in that way or what it was supposed to mean. As far as Mandy was concerned it took all the pleasure away from reading. As Mandy seemed to be a bit lazy recently Beth suggested they both took up yoga, which was only once a fortnight and wasn't too energetic. As far as Mandy was concerned is was a no go area  and she told Beth immediately, " Confession, my yoga pants have never been to yoga"

I am linking this to Art Journal Journey where Valerie's theme is Anything goes.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Art Journal Journey

 Another face for Valeries theme on Art Journal Journey this month. This is from a lesson with Christa Forrest on Life Book.

Friday 3 March 2023

Art Journal Journey - Anything goes.

 The theme set by Valerie on Art Journal Journey is Anything goes. This is a page I did for Life book last month. It was lesson with Melanie Rivers called Mountain Path.

Thursday 2 March 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Forecast for today, unproductive with a chance of rain, are the snarky words for this week. The theme on Art Journal Journey set by Valerie is 'Anything goes', so our Thursday Journal pages will fit the bill. Eileen is supposed to be studying for her final typing exams, so she can start applying for jobs in the local town. It doesn't seem long ago that she was in school, doodling in a note pad instead of taking notice of the lessons. Perhaps she should have gone in for art instead of typing which she now found boring. The only way she would be satisfied as a typist was if she could get a job as a private secretary and travel the world and be someones invaluable employee. If only she had taken more notice of her parents who wanted great things for her. Maybe she could do evening classes to make up for a lack of enthusiasm in school, and go to university, and then teach art, which she did show some talent for. It was all very well though sitting on the floor and dreaming about her future, but that wasn't getting her anywhere. Ringo her dog also needed taking for a walk, and he looked as if he had as much energy as her. She tried to get up and get going but in the end she felt too lazy. She decided that the forecast for today was unproductive with a chance of rain. Ringo agreed with her.

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