Thursday 23 February 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet.

 The snarky words this week are 'Is your drama going to have an intermission soon ? Adrienne has gone round to her best friends house to update her on her holiday plans. Maisie doesn't really want to hear about them as Adrienne is a bit if a drama queen. As soon as Adrienne cane through the door she started without so much as a hello or how are you to Maisie.

" You will never believe what's happened, the airline has gone bust and they have put us all with a different company" Before she could ask why, Adrienne was off again. " not only is it a not well known company but you can only take a small in-cabin case or holdall, I mean how can I get all my clothes in a small case, in fact I don't think I have a small one, and what about all my makeup. And you don't get a meal either, I mean how awful is that ?"  Taking the opportunity when Adrienne stopped to take a breath, Maisie did mention the fact that since COVID all their friends were having holidays at home where there are plenty of lovely places to visit here in the UK. 

Adrienne started again grumbling again about how annoying everything was and she was really unhappy about having to change her plans even if it was only putting everything in a small case and not having a meal. Added to the fact that she thought holidays at home were boring and the weather was awful. To Adrienne it was a major disaster and Maisie had had enough of her moaning.

Interrupting her mid sentence Maisie asked Adrienne "Is your drama going to have an intermission soon?            

I Am linking this to Erika's theme of Seeing Red on Art Journal Journey.

Thursday 16 February 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet.

Our words this week from Tim Holtz snarky comments are 'I have absolutely no desire to fit in'  Clare is in her lounge talking to her tame owl that she found injured after a car had hit it. It hardly left her side and didn't seem to want to fly away into the countryside. Her friend Angie thought she was a bit weird and had told her to take it to the vet, not try to help it back to good health herself. As she stormed into the room in her usual manner, always in a rush, Angie just looked at Clare and shook her head in that knowing way she had.  "Clare, I thought you might like to go to the cinema tonight to see the new James Bond film, it's on at the local"

"I really can't be bothered " Clare said, "and why would I want to go out with you in that ridiculous hat?" "it's not ridiculous, and I've only just bought it, it needs a trip out" 

"Now that is silly, but in a different colour it would be ideal for Halloween, but it's only February now" said Clare.

"Well if you would rather stay in with your owl, that's fine, but I have absolutely no desire to fit in" said Angie, and off she went to check on cinema times and to find someone else to go with.

I am linking this to Erika's theme of Seeing red on Art Journal Journey


Wednesday 15 February 2023

Tag Tuesday - Love/hearts

 Pinky's theme on Tag Tuesday  is  love/hearts. This is another one for my heart shaped book with a printed background, stamped hearts and die cuts

Thursday 9 February 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet.

 We are on a new list of Tim Holtz snarky comments and the first one is 'I could give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter'  Millie and Grace were having a Valentines day discussion and Grace had brought round her new handbag with hearts on that her boyfriend had given her. She was so pleased with it and asked Millie if it would look silly if she still used it after February. Millie thought it would be fine, especially as Grace liked it so much. "You are lucky, all I got was two large bars of chocolate. I have spent months trying to loose weight and have just reached my perfect weight, this does not help" "But you love chocolate, and have kept the Cadbury's factory going for years" "I know I love it, but I was seriously going to give it up" said Millie. "Well why don't you, I'll eat the chocolate for you"said Grace. Millie then thought about it for a whole second and said "I could give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter"

I am linking this to Erika's theme on Art Journal Journey where the theme is Seeing red.

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Tag Tuesday- Love/hearts

 The theme set by Pinky on Tag Tuesday is Love/Hearts. I decided to make heart shaped tags and make a book of them. The first one has a distress inked and stamped background with stamped images on three hearts.

Saturday 4 February 2023

Tag Tuesday - Blue/green

Another tag for my theme of blue/green on Tag Tuesday This time with a textured background and die cut leaves in fabric and paper.

Thursday 2 February 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 The words this week are ' Don't judge me' On  Tuesday evening I was doing some colour theory and had some red paint left over. Rather than waste it I brayered it onto a blank page In my art journal calendar book. How lucky was that when on Wednesday morning I found that Erika had chosen the colour red for her theme on Art Journal Journey. I took a copy of it and pasted it onto my journal page for today. I will try and use it for another entry for AJJ later in the month.  Jo had invited her friend Tracey round for a drink and to see her new flat. She had been so pleased with her first attempt at decorating and was looking forward to see what Tracey thought of it. Tracey having said what a nice district it was then asked Jo what she had put the paint on the wall with. Jo thought that was a stupid question and said a paint roller of course. Tracey then went on to explain that she didn't have enough paint on the roller and it was best to kept it going in the same direction, not all over the place with uneven covering like Jo had done. Well I like it said Jo, don't judge me. While she was on a roll Tracey then mentioned the purple ladybird on Jo's head and the very colourful cat that looked as if it had been painting as well. Tracey dreaded to think what furnishings Jo was going to choose to go with the wall. Well if you like it, then that's good said Tracey hoping that that would rectify her comments.

I an linking this to Erika's theme of Seeing Red on Art Journal Journey. The words sort of go with it as well this week. I think I would see red if someone criticised my decorating.

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