Saturday 28 October 2023

Tag Tuesday - A form of transport

 The theme set by Sandie is a form of transport and I have used a vintage stamp for mine, plus various cogs needed to make engines and clocks move smoothly.

Thursday 26 October 2023

Thursday journal with Neet

 The last week for Neet's theme of 'In gear’  on Art Journal Journey and this week the saying is 'Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need an expert opinion.' Ruth was talking to her older sister about a forthcoming event at her youth club. Her sister Judith was a bit above herself, considered that at the age of eighteen she was grown up and could have the only right opinion about everything, even if it was not popular. Ruth wasn't going to ask her any questions that would start of an argument about who was right so just kept it to a general chat about the event that the club was holding for a local charity. The competition for this month was for the most unusual hat and Ruth had made her own out of scraps of things in her craft room, and it hadn't cost her a penny. She was really pleased with it, but didn't really mind if she didn't win, it had been fun to make. "  I suppose you want me to give my opinion about your hat for the competition" asked Judith. In the meantime Ruth had been chatting away to herself, which prompted Judith to ask if Ruth was talking to her or to herself. Ruth's immediate answer was " Of course I talk to myself...sometimes I need an expert opinion" In other words Ruth had no confidence in Judiths crafting abilities at all, and didn't want to know what she thought of it.

Thursday 19 October 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

The words this week from Tim Holtz snarky sayings is : 'You drink too much. You have questionable morals. You're everything I ever wanted in a friend' I will be linking this to Neet's theme of In gear on Art Journal Journey. Jenny has decided to go to a night club in town that  she knows her parents would not approve of, and she is relying on the fact that what they don't know won't worry them.  Jenny's idea of not worrying them is not really based on anything she has experienced so far, and she knows that her best friend Lexi would not tell them. She is in her gear of shorts, leggings and tops and is all set to go. She was hoping that her friend Lexi would go with her, but looking at the clothes Lexi has on are definitely not club gear, they are more like a shopping trip or outing. "I think you should go back and change"suggested Jenny, "you will be really embarrassed going in that" "It's you that is an embarrassment to me" said Lexi " You drink too much. You have questionable morals. You are everything I ever wanted in a friend, come on let's go, I'm looking forward to it. Mum and dad are out, so you can come with me and I'll put some proper  Club gear on".


Thursday 12 October 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 For Neet's theme of 'In gear' on Art Journal Journey I have included a car this week. The words to go with the illustration are Tim Holtz snarky comment of 'We'll be best friends forever, because you know too much' Hazel has  gone round to see her best friend Millie to see what they were going to do at the weekend. Hazel had just told Millie that she had failed her car test for the second time, but wasn't going to admit it to her parents, who hadn't realised that she had applied to take it again. Millie had passed hers on the first attempt and had bought herself a small economical car to drive around locally, she hadn't braved the motorway yet. Hazel knew that Millie had a secret about driving. Millie had driven her dads vintage car without permission, and Hazel had been with her, there was a picture of it on the wall. Luckily it had come back in one piece and the deed had gone un-noticed. The two girls had also been going to some clubs in town that they knew their parents would not be happy about. Although Hazel was a bit annoyed that Millie had passed her test, they remained friends, and Millies secrets were worse than Hazels, so she felt that her secrets were safe with Millie. Millie sensing that Hazel was thinking along those lines said " We'll be best friends forever because you know too much"


Wednesday 11 October 2023

Tag Tuesday - Colours of Autumn

 Valerie has set the the theme of Colours of Autumn on Tag Tuesday. I love the rich colours of Autumn and have added some real elements to my tag.

Thursday 5 October 2023

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Neet is hosting Art Journal Journey this month, so I will linking this to her theme of 'In Gear.' The words to try to incorporate into this weeks are 'You smell like a drama and a headache, please get away from me.' Delia has gone round to her cousin Stephanie's flat to have a good moan about her colleagues at work. When she gets there, Stephanie is lounging on the floor surrounded by what looks like gears and cogs, there is also some sort of contraption on Stephanie's head. The wall has a freeze of these things and then she notices that Steph has some as earrings as well as the hair net or hat, or whatever it is on her head. Delia is not sure whether to start on her colleague grumbles or to tell Steph that she looks like an idiot and isn't it time this phase of her whacky life was over. Delia has always been very strait laced in her likes and dislikes and steampunk is not on the list of likes. Stephanie sees that for once Delia is lost for words and quickly takes the advantage. "You smell like a drama and a headache, please get away from me" Obviously not the day to tell her cousin what she thinks, Delia has a very quick cup of tea and goes home.

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