Thursday 27 January 2011

The next page of the journal

I have already blogged the front pages for this jounal, and this is the first page. We were given the title of Handwriting, and had to interpret this in our own way. I based mine on letters to and from menfolk serving away in foreign countries. The main theme, is a greeting sent by my Grandfather during the campaign in Gallipoli during World War 1. It was sent at Christmas 1915. and is at the top of the page.

Sunday 23 January 2011

Journal page

This time I have found a page that isn't blue. I had drawn the face in a sketch book, so cut her out to put on here. I didn't think an orange face would look very good. She looked a bit regal, or nun like so I didn't bother with hair, but gave her a sort of whimple. The butterfly had been hanging around on my desk for ages, so stuck it on to get it out of the way. It should have gone in the butterfly file.

Saturday 22 January 2011

Another journal page

I am finding this a real struggle, and will no doubt at some point give up. If in the meantime my faces improve that will be a bonus. I have sent for a book which might help (I hope) but in the meantime I will struggle on.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

A new journal

I have joined a group whose aim is to do a bit in a journal every day for a year. It need only be 10 minutes, or a whole page. I doubt I will achieve something every day, but will make an effort. I never know where to start, and have several journals with painted pages ready to do. They have sat there for a year, so here goes.
First of all I wrote 2011 on the already painted page, and then thought about what I wanted to achieve. I decided wanting to draw faces that didn't need plastic surgery might be a good start, so that's what I did. Doesn't she look miserable. Perhaps by the end of the book I might draw one I like.
When I have run out of painted pages, I might try to ween myself off blue and green, and try pink, well maybe not.

Monday 3 January 2011

Covers for a new altered book

I have joined a group commitment to do covers and pages for an altered book called Interpretations. Each month we do a page for our partner, and a page for ourselves. Each month we have a different partner, so it means that you end up with two books, one of your own, and another with all the other artists work.
The December challenge was to do the front and back covers, and mine is now on it's way to California. The project ends in December 2011, but as we have all the themes, you can get on with them in advance, if you are organised that is. So don't hold your breath.
These are my covers: I used Viva Terra paint on the front, and stamped into it for texture, sprayed it with Glimmer mists, and then added shrink plastic bits. The letters are grungeboard, which I used on the reverse as a mask. I hand wrote a few thoughts about the book, and added my favourite TH bird cage, with the bird released from it's cage.
The back cover was covered with sprayed tissue paper, with various bits added. The reverse of the back has a canvas pocket, with a shrink plastic clock inside. I was a bit nervous about doing this, not knowing if my interpretation would be OK. It seems to haave gone down well so far.

Sunday 2 January 2011

Shrink plastic hanging

I made this for a swap which had to include shrink plastic. I love using it, so went for a leaf theme. I used Crafty Individual images to put in the frames, and painted the wooden surrounds with Viva crackle paint. The leaves were stamped with various different coloured inks, and then cut out and shrunk.

Vintage fabric book

A while ago, I made some 4" x 4" vintage squares for a small hanging quilt. As I have now run out of wall space, I decided to make it into a fabric book. ( Like I have shelf space, Not)
The top picture is the cover, and all I have to do now is figure out how to attach the cover to the rest of it. No paper was used in the making of this book.

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