Thursday 25 January 2024

Thursday journal with Neet

 The words this week are 'Cleaning with children in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos' It's Friday the 13th and Emily was not having a good day, the two boys were being as naughty as they could be. It had started badly when young Henry decided that his breakfast looked better on the floor than in his bowl and when his mum asked him to drink his milk, he knew fine that the bottom inside the cup had a picture of a train on it, so he tipped it out to have a look. The eldest one, Malcom wasn't helping by pretending that he was innocent of all wrong doing and started telling Henry off as well. "Malcom stop parenting, it's not your job" said Emily, " go and play you two, I have a house to clean."  Off they went to play in their bedroom while Emily cleaned up the kitchen. By the time she had finished that and went to do the lounge  the boys had gone downstairs and were busy spreading their toys all over the place. At this point Emily gave up and said out loud "Cleaning with children in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos"

This story is not without a real story, my Mother in Law when my son aged about 2 ( now 58 this year) was told to hurry up and drink his milk because if he did he would see that there was a train at the bottom. So like Henry he tipped it all out to have a look. Note to self : I must remind him of that.

I am linking this to Erika's theme of It's on the calendar on Art Journal Journey.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Really struggling with this as I still have  the flashing lights of the migraine. and spent Monday night in Hereford hospital, where with extensive tests they discovered that I had had a small stroke near the optic nerve. So I now wear a heart monitor for two weeks then go on tablets try to prevent it happening again. I would love to get rid of these flashing lights  as I can't read, so hopefully they will eventually go away. Do excuse any mistakes in this as I really am struggling to see properly.

'I don't mean to brag, but I finished my 14 day diet in 3 hours and 12 minutes. These  are the words this week to try and fit in with Erika's theme on Art Journal Journey of 'It's on the calendar.'

Fiona and Heather had decided to go on a 14 day diet, even though Fiona didn't really need to loose weight, she thought it would encourage Heather to loose a few pounds that she had put on over Christmas. Fiona had made a slimming calendar and started on her first day. When Heather came round to see how Fiona was getting on she saw the calendar and asked Fiona why she had just put a line through all the days but the first one "well" said Fiona " I don't mean to brag, but I finished my 14 day diet in 3 hours and 12 minutes." Heather thought that even though Fiona said she didn't want to brag, that's exactly what she was doing. Heather just stopped herself from saying anything, and admitted to not having done very much on the first day, but would continue with it until she could get into her less floppy clothes.

Thursday 11 January 2024

Thursday Journal with Neet

 I have had a migraine all day and have struggled to get this done, I can't see anything to my left and what with that and a new computer I have taken all afternoon and the evening to do this. Sally and her friend Hazel have been discussing the up and coming ball at their school, and Sally seems to think it will solve her lack of a boyfriend, she has being bemoaning the fact that Hazel has one and she hasn't. Hazel has relaxed on the floor and is listening to Sally moaning away and trying to not explain that you have to work hard at a relationship and not sit back and expect it to happen. Sally has a very large notice on the wall with a list of dates on it and numbers on the wall to remind her of the days. Hazel gets very frustrated with her and says " Life is not a fairy tale, if you loose a shoe at midnight , you're drunk." Sally just gave her one of her favourite looks which said it all. I am linking the to Erika's theme of "It's on the calendar" on Art Journal Journey.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Thursday Journal with Neet.

The words this week are 'I would challenge you in a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed'. Gosh, this is not any easy one to do and link to Erika's theme of 'It's on the calendar' on Art Journal Journey. Angie has gone to see her cousin Malcolm and she secretly thinks he is definitely a sandwich short of a picnic. She has constantly reminded him to remember his mums birthday, but finds when she gets there that he has forgotten and she had reminded him the day before. Angie had even bought a card and a little present for him to give to his mum, although she suspects he has eaten the box of chocolates himself. Malcolm has that confused look on his face when Angie starts to tell him off and holds even tighter to his constant companion his stuffed monster toy. "I did remind you Malcolm, and wrote it on your calendar. why can't you remember and do it straight away, honestly, I would challenge you in a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed." Malcolm didn't really understand what Angie was on about, but she was a bossy pain in the neck anyway.


Tuesday 2 January 2024

Art Journal Journey - It's on the calendar

 On Art Journal Journey, Erika has chosen 'It's on the calendar' as her theme for January. I have made my first entry my art journal that I do every year. I used distress oxide inks on the background with various stencils and stamps.

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