Sunday 28 March 2010

Flat stitching finished

At last the flat stitching on my tree is finished, and waiting for the texture bit. We are off to Devon in a minute, so I will attempt to do it down there, inbetween sorting mum's bungalow out. Not looking forward to it. Where am I going to put it all.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Sumptuous surfaces course

I am doing an online course called sumptuous surfaces. This is my first online course, and so far I seem to going into it headlong. That means, I have made my design too complicated, even though the tutor said it should work. My hands hurt, I need a magnifying thingy to see the holes, and have decided that I am too impatient to do things properly. I want to get onto the textured bit without all the initial bits. It's only the size of a postcard, but feels like the Forth road bridge.
The ouline is in Portugese stem stitch, whipped stem stitch , and stem stitch. The pulled stitches are satin, and whole or part buttonhole wheels. I think I shall being stitching a lot tomorrow, as the next lesson is on Thursday.
The empty bit under the tree will be the textural bit.

Another chunky book

This time the topic of the book is travel, and these are the ones I have done so far. They are a mixture of collage and stamping, with some shrink plastic embellishments, and some tags.

Friday 12 March 2010

Chunky Beeswax

I foolishly let myself in for a chunky beeswax book that a lady in Australia is hosting. There is now wax everywhere. My melt pot was on overtime, because as usual I made some extras to keep.
I collaged the main page with backing papers, napkins and images, and then on some added flowers etc I then added some extra wax and stamped into it to give some texture, and brushed Perfect pearls on various parts, especially the textured bits.

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