Tuesday 25 September 2012

Artful Times challenge No 13 Tree as main feature

I have hundreds of tree stamps, but could I get going on this challenge---no. There are two in the bin, and in a last minute effort I sat with a blank but coloured tag, and doodled. The tag is inked with distress inks in spiced marmalade and dried marigold. I drew the tree, and then doodled away. Not sure if I like it, but there's no time to do another one.

Monday 24 September 2012

Bird house book P, Q, R

P, Q, and R for the bird house book have taken me ages this time, as I seem to have been away from home a lot. I did so want to do Peacock for P but pheasant was a lot easier, so pheasant it was. I found some pheasants on some fabric at the quilting festival, and cut one out to put on the page, the rest is fabric and machine stitching. Quail was all I could think of for Q, and this picture transferred onto fabric fitted the bill. He's sitting on fabric covered with scrim, which seems to be my fabric of the month. Robin was an obvious one for R, and they are die cut fabric, painted with watercolours and acrylics. The background is strange fabric coloured with acrylic paints, I think, I did this one ages ago.  

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Another scrimmy piece

I know there isn't a word  'scrimmy', but it does describe this piece. Again the main bit of work, the scrim, was made on the course as a wall hanging, but I thought it looked better on a black canvas. I don't have any black walls in my house, so thought painting a canvas was a jolly sight easier.
Some tyvek was bonded on to the scrim, and heated with a heat gun. I did the heating on both side, one one side then another bit from the back to give a different effect I prefer the bubble side.
The distressed scrim was painted with gesso, and when dry, white acrylic paint. It was then painted with Golden acrylics in yes , turquoise. I must make something in pink, on the next blue moon.
At home I sewed on a load of beads, and mounted it onto the canvas.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

The wave

I made the canvas at a weeks course with Lynda Monk. It was a brilliant course, and we achieved a lot of samples and finished pieces, some of which I'll blog when I get round to it.
The canvas was quilted and some scrim with a small piece of heated tyvek added with bondaweb. I also added some string, and highlighted that, and some other bits with silver paint, after I had painted the blues. The whole canvas was then painted with gesso, then white acrylic paint. When really dry I painted it in the turquoise and blue Golden acrylics.

When I was home I added beads, and glass pebbles. The whole canvas is supposed to resemble a wave. 

Monday 3 September 2012

Artful Times challenge No 12 Inches

I love doing inches, especially fabric ones. The yellow ones I started  with some felting, layered with organza,  and machine embroidered on top, and then zapped with the heat gun. The blue and pink ones are done on pelmet vilene, with organza on top . Again these were stitched with free machine embroidery and some embellishments added.
The yellow ones are for a swap, but the others lurk in my collection of fabric inches, which reside in a very nice homemade book from a friend..

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