Thursday 25 April 2024

Thursday Journal with Neet

 The words this week are from Tim Holtz snarky comments, 'My level of sarcasm has gotten to the point where I don't even know if I'm kidding or not' Sheila was at home and had invited her friend Marie to spend the afternoon with her to discuss what they were going to do when they went on holiday in July. Generally they both liked doing the same thing, but where to go was proving difficult. Sheila fancied going to the seaside and Marie wanted to go to a city. Sheila wasn't very keen on shopping and really didn't want to spend a holiday wandering around shops. Sheila suggested a holiday by the sea but with a large town nearby, this seemed to be a happy compromise and Marie reluctantly agreed. Sheila couldn't resist asking Marie what was a half flower doing on her head, and Marie said it was a hat. "Well in that case why don't you borrow my ladybird fascinator and put that on your head as well, then if it has greenfly, the ladybird will eat them for you" Marie was not amused and accused Sheila of being sarcastic. I know said Sheila My level of sarcasm has gotten  to the point where  I don't even know if I am being kidding or not"

I am linking this to Valerie's theme of Geometric forms on Art Journal Journey

Thursday 18 April 2024

Thursday Journal. with Neet

 This week the words from Tim Holt snarky comments are 'That moment when you hear someone else call your best friend their best friend and  you are like...No' Alicia was at a social at her school and there seemed to be girls there that she didn't know, probably in a different year than her and she obviously hadn't taken much notice ofd them. One girl in particular had started taking to her and was one of those boastful sort of people. What she didn't know or had done just wasn't believable and Alicia was getting a bit bored and couldn't stem the flow of chat and say anything herself. Hoping so much that someone would rescue her she looked about her for her best friend Anne, where on earth was she, she usually came to these dos and had told Alicia that she would definitely be there. This girl Tracey was getting worse and Alicia found it hard not to be rude and try and shut her up, she also had very big feet and a childish hair style. Suddenly Anne appeared across the hall and was coming towards them. Thank goodness for that thought Alicia and at the same time Tracey saw her and said in a very loud voice "here comes my best friend Anne, I'm sure you will like her, she's brilliant". Alicia couldn't believe her ears and could only think of 'that moment when you hear someone else call your best friend their best friend and you are like.. No 

I am having a struggle scanning these last few as I am on my last but one page in my Dylusions journal and somewhat reluctant to buy another one. Hence the shadow on the right edge.

I am linking this to Valeries theme of Geometric forms on Art Journal Journey

Thursday 11 April 2024

Thursday Journal.

' The pity train has just derailed at the corner of suck it up and move on' are the words from Tim Holt snarky comments. I have used some geometric shapes on the background and some circles and squares on their clothes to comply with Valeries theme of Geometric forms on Art Journal journey.  Jenny and her friend Edwina are having a nice day out in town doing a bit of window shopping as neither of them have any spare money as it's the end of the month.  Jenny had a feeling that Edwina was longing to tell her something and had no idea why she hadn't said anything all day, she felt she was building up for something important. As soon as Edwina started to tell her, Jenny knew what was coming, she had heard it all before. Edwina's boyfriend had just finished with her for a much younger prettier girl giving her no explanation or any sympathy. Jenny wasn't about to sympathise with her either, as Edwina seemed to get through a boyfriend a month. Jenny had lost count of how many and sometimes didn't even try to remember their names. " What do you think" Edwina said. Jenny had had enough and replied " The pity train has derailed at the corner of suck it up and move on" Edwina could see it was no use saying any more, so stalked off in the direction of home. Jenny knew she would be OK the next day so went home herself.

Thursday 4 April 2024

Thursday Journal.

 The words this week are 'I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one' Gina and her friend Tina have been discussing the benefits or not of having pets. Gina has a little cat called scamp and it is devoted to her, follows her around all over the house. Tina on the other hand doesn't see the point of having one and prefers animals to roam free. Mind you if confronted with a cow, badger or a fox she would run a mile. She doesn't agree with zoos either. Nothing Gina could say would convince her friend otherwise, and Tina was starting to say things that were a bit personal and cruel about Gina's love of animals, especially the condition of animals kept in a zoo. Gina tried to explain that a lot of zoos had special breeding programmes for endangered species, which was invaluable to stop a wholesale extinction of many types of animals.  Gina was getting very exasperated with Tina's attitude and eventually said "  I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one" I am linking this to to Art Journal Journey where Valeries theme is Geometric forms.

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