Tuesday 30 November 2021

Art Every day Month Day 30

 For the last day of Art Every Day Month I have made a journal page of the garden. I started with a green background and added some pictures of my garden, plus two from a magazine, with trees on to give some height. I added some flower photos from the garden and some stencilled leaves. A few pieces of my contact leaf prints and a picture of a blue tit finished it off.

Monday 29 November 2021

Art Every Day Month Day 29

 On Art Every Day Month I have one of my journal pages where I collaged pictures from my gardening magazines. I cut out random words and formed a short story on the top left. I drew some umbellifers and then calmed the whole page down with some white gesso.

Sunday 28 November 2021

Art Every Day Month day 28

 For Art Every Day Month I have a double journal page from a lesson with Christa Forrest called You are where your creative self needs to be. She encouraged us to just let go and forget the imperfections and paint what comes into your head, embrace progress.

Saturday 27 November 2021

Art Every day Month Day 27

 For Art Every day Month I have another lesson with Shilpa Lalit. This one I struggled with a bit but was determined to finish it yesterday. It's called Light of possibility. It is painted with acrylics with some gold leaf added at the end. It's a very thin feminine looking Buddha.

Friday 26 November 2021

Paint Party Friday Week 37 Year 11

For Paint Party Friday I'm still painting my birds for my UK bird book. I am then going to do one with some of the colourful birds found around the world. This week I have painted a Wheatear, a Summer visitor  to he UK and rarely perches higher than a fence post.

Art Every day Month Day 26

 For Art Every day Month I have done some more breakdown printing.

These look a bit like old maps

Thursday 25 November 2021

Tag Tuesday - Anything goes

 Valeries' theme on Tag Tuesday is anything goes. I have made a fabric tag with die cut leaves and bird with threads and machine stitching.

Art Every Day Month Day 25

 Today for Art Every day Month  I have a lesson I did with Dena Adams on Life Book. It was to show tonal values with mark making. You can then cut around the shape and use it on the reverse of your journal or sketchbook cover as a name plate.

Thursday Journal with Neet

 Not and easy one to illustrate this week.The words are ' I'm really into cross fit. I cross my fingers and hope I can fit in my jeans ' I have made a stormy sky this time and Lucy has taken her dog for a walk. She needs to loose weight and has decided to take her dog Shorty for a walk every day. They are going to have to head for home before it rains and she says to Shorty "I'm really into cross fit. I cross my fingers and hope my jeans fit" Hopefully if she can keep doing the walks every day she will be able to get into them again.

I am linking this to Chris's theme of All sorts of weather on  Art Journal Journey 

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Art Every Day Month Day 24

 For Art Every Day Month I have some screen printed fabric. I have some more waiting to be washed and dried, a different set of screens to these. The technique is called breakdown printing, where you keep using the screen until all the dyes or what ever medium you used have all gone, so the pattern becomes more and more distressed looking.

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Art Every Day Month Day 23

 On Art Every Day Month I have a lesson I did with Tiare Smith called the root of joy.

Monday 22 November 2021

Art Every Day Month. Day 22

 For Art Every day Month some more contact leaf prints. This time I used a very old piece of rag  paper and the colours are very much brighter.

Sunday 21 November 2021

Art Every Day Month day 21

 For Art Every day Month some Contact leaf prints on cartridge paper. 

Saturday 20 November 2021

Art Every day Month Day 20

 A  journal page for Art Every Day Month. A double journal page with Pia Rom, title "What if you cannily' Collaged, painted and the elephant drawn on top with some stamping and doodles.

Friday 19 November 2021

Paint Party Friday Week 36 Year 11

 A crossbill for Paint Party Friday this week. A very strange looking bird and not one I have ever seen. A member of the finch family and regularly comes over from the Continent and breeds in various places in the UK where there are mature conifers. It eats pine seeds. The female is green and I don't think the male is as deep a red as my painting.

Art Every day Month day 19

For Art Every Day  a small fabric book that I am doing with Izzy Moore. It uses up lots of very small pieces of fabric, with hand sewing. No theme, just like a paper junk journal. This is the front and back of the only page I have done so far. The spine is black card, and there is a layer of felt between the front and back pages.

Thursday 18 November 2021

Art Every day Month Day18

 On Art Every Day, a painting of 'You are Magic' with Alena Hennessy. Collage, painting and a abstract drawn leaf twig.

Thursday Journal with Neet

 We are now on a new set of sayings that Neet has managed to find. The first one is " Have you heard about the cat that swallowed a ball of yarn, she had mittens" At first I did wonder what on earth to do for this one, then I just went for the obvious. Millie the cat has had quite a lot of kittens, and like the ball of yarn she ate, they are all different colours and markings. She has decided to name them all, even though she knows she won't be able to keep them. The boys were harder to name than the girls, but she was pleased with the ones she had thought of. There were two very small girls she called Knit and Rib, the three boys, Garter, Cable and Chunky. The two larger girls Fair Isle and Purl. She was well pleased with her brood of mittens, and it was going to be very difficult to part with them, perhaps she could persuade her owner to let her keep one or two, but then who would she choose, she loved them all.                                 I am also linking this to Chris's theme of all kinds of weather on Art Journal Journey

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Art Every Day Month Day 17

 For Art Everyday Month I have a double journal page. It is a mixture of collage, printing and acrylic paint. The butterfly is on a hinged piece of card that has the saying written underneath. “ If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies”

Tuesday 16 November 2021

Monday 15 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 15

 For Art Everyday Month a lesson from Life Book with Andrea Gomoll. I liked doing this one so much I did a green one as well. Like Valerie and Elle I am trying to catch up with all the lessons on Life Book, so I am getting a bit picky about which ones I want to do.

Sunday 14 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 14

For Art Everyday Month another painting lesson from Shilpa Lalit, I like her way of painting and enjoyed painting the four from her lesson.


Saturday 13 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 13

 For Art Every day a lesson from on Life Book, this one is with Tiare Smith.


Friday 12 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 12

Another lesson from Life Book for Art Everyday Month. This one was with Pia Rom.
I’m very late today, been shopping with my daughter.


Paint Party Friday Week 35 Year 11

A Dartford Warbler for Paint Party Friday. A Summer visitor to a very small area on the South coast of England. a very tiny elusive bird well hidden in thickets of gorge and heather.


Thursday 11 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 11

Art Everyday Month day 11 Another one of Shilpa Lalit's lessons, this is showing the element of wind. It also has some poppies on for Remembrance day.


Thursday Journal with Neet

 This week the words are ' What you believe in becomes true. believe in something absurd' Daisy has taken her little dog Grump for a walk, it was lovely when they set off, but she noticed that the rain clouds were gathering and they should head home. Grump was not happy as he didn't like rushing, his legs were too short for that type of activity. "It's a shame we can't fly" Daisy said to Grump. "I would like a really unusual pet and I would make sure it could fly and therefore take me home quickly". Grump was not happy with this as it would make him redundant. She had made up her mind what it would look like and did wonder what her mum would say if she walked in with it. Grump was beginning to get worried but if it made her happy he said "what you believe in becomes true, believe in something absurd" He had suddenly realised that if Daisy had another pet, especially one that could fly he could just sleep on the sofa all day, he thought he could manage that.

I am linking this to Chris's theme on Art Journal Journey which is All kinds of weather.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 10

ForArt Everyday month Art Everyday Month, a warm up session with Tamara Laporte on Life Book. 


Tuesday 9 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 9

 Another lesson with Shilpa Lalit for Art Every Day This one represented the element of fire. 

Monday 8 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 8

 For Art Everyday month a lesson from Life Book with Toni Burt, called reflections. I enjoyed doing this one. I love poppies and the girl is wandering through the poppy field reflecting on her life.


Sunday 7 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 7

 For Art Everyday month a watercolour painting from one of the lessons on Life Book  with Shilpa Lalit.

Haze having a rest having moved all the cushions to suit herself. She is the only one left out of the four ginger feral cats that adopted us in 2012. Her big brother Leo below, died of cancer two weeks ago.

Saturday 6 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 6

 For Art Everyday Month I have a stag. painted in acrylics for a Life Book lesson with Tamara LaPorte. Tam's was in pinks red and orange. I decided to do mine in my favourite colours.

Friday 5 November 2021

Art Every Day month Day 5

 Gosh the days seem to be racing by.  Here is my painting for today on Art Everyday month, a lesson from Life book. I didn't follow the tutor as I don't like drawing odd caricature faces very much. The lesson was called everything but the kitchen sink. Lots of different techniques and some texture.

Paint Party Friday Week 34 Year 11

 This week I have painted a whitethroat for Paint Party Friday A Summer visitor to the UK usually seen on heaths, commons scrub and hedgerows. Like a lot of our birds they fly back to Africa for the Winter.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Art Everyday Month Day 4

 For Art Everyday Month I have a  painting I did for Life Book with Effy Wild. I loved putting these bright colours watercolours on this one.

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