Thursday 30 August 2018

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week we are drawing a face, with the colours,  Cerise and Turquoise. I used paints for the face and water soluble wax crayons and stamps for the background. The hair started off all turquoise, but it looked even worse than it does now, so I added some red. I really need to practise doing faces and see if I can make them look just slightly presentable.
We were at Neet's for a few days and nearly talked ourselves to a standstil. We didn't get any crafting done but put the world to rights and caught up with all the news. This page was therefore done in a hurry.

Monday 27 August 2018

Every Inchie Monday -- Iceland.

Now here is a country I would love to visit. Iceland is the country this week. I have made an attempt to draw the National bird which is the Gyr Falcon. It is the largest in the Falcon species and not easy to get on an inch. The first one I did looked like an overfed pigeon, so it had to be slimmed down. The national flower is the Water Aven and I have sewn that one.
I have sewn the National flower, the Mountain Aven.

Thursday 23 August 2018

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week the theme is Vintage and the colours cream and sepia. I have used evergreen bough as my third colour. Why I chose this theme I don't know. It's a theme I use quite often, but found it difficult to tie it in with my Dylusion figures. The background is distress inks and a craftersworkshop clock stencil. All done in a bit of a hurry again, I will catch up on everything one day, but not yet.

Monday 20 August 2018

Tag Tuesday -- Landmarks.

This is my third tag for Tag Tuesday, I couldn't not do one of Paris and some of it's beautiful landmarks. It is composed mainly with stamped images s and some flowers, brads and lace.

Every Inchie Monday -- Jordan

This week we are in Jordan in the Arabian Peninsula. I have drawn the National bird, the Sinai rose finch, and the National animal the Arabian oryx. I knew nothing about this animal which is the smallest member the oryx genus. It is medium size antelope with a distinct shoulder hump and long straight horns and a tufted tail. My one inch version is missing some of these features. In fact looks very uncomfortable.  I made it out of soft leather.

Thursday 16 August 2018

Journal Page with Neet

This week the theme is Little Monsters and the colour blue and red. I had forgotten that Neet had changed it to purple and cerise. Note to self: write things down in the right place, not on a random scrap of paper. I used distress inks for my background and a Finnabair stencil. The monsters are a mixture of stamps coloured with watercolour pens.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Tag Tuesday -- Landmarks

It's my turn for this fortnights theme on Tag Tuesday.  I have chosen landmarks, and you can choose a landmark near you, or one that is not quite so well known, or one that reminds you of a holiday. It will be interesting to see what you all choose for your landmarks.
 I have done a watercolour of Stonehenge as my first one. My second one is the Angel of the North. The picture shows how large it is by the size of the people in front of it.

Monday 13 August 2018

Every Inchie Monday -- Portugal

This week on Every Inchie Monday, we are off to Portugal, I have never been there, but my parents used to holiday quite often on the Algarve coast.
The National flower is the lavender and the National bird is the rooster. They seem to have lots of different painted versions, so I just did what I could on my inch.
We have only just come home from our wet holiday in Scotland, and these were done by a very sleepy me. We drove back in one go - 13 hours in total, 2/3rds of driven by me.

Thursday 9 August 2018

Thursday Journal with Neet

Neet's choice again this week of The Flappers, and this one really had me stumped. I decide to stay with the two chosen colours, black and white. I drew the dress and painted it black to match the flapper type era and made the corners look a bit like curtains on a stage. Please don't ask me why. I used a stencil for the flooring.
I'm afraid it's a simple hurried one as we are up in Scotlans and I had to do it before we left Last Thursday in fact.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Tag Tuesday -- Bingo

My second tag for Michele's theme of Bingo on Tag Tuesday.
The background is distress ink wth some collage of old adverts. The bingo card is one from a Tim Holtz collection.
We are in The Highlands at the moment and it is raining. We haven't had one decent day yet, must be the only place in Europe that doesn't have wall to wall sunshine.

Monday 6 August 2018

Every Inchie Monday -- China

This week we are off to the far East and China. I thought this one was going to be easy, so why did I try to sew a panda. It looks like a very silly panda as well. The Red Crowned Crane which is China's National bird was also impossible to draw in any other way apart from one in flight,
I can't believe that for our holiday this year we are in the Scottish Highlands, which seems to be the only place in Europe that has wall to wall cloud and rain. We also have three grandchildren who want to go to the beach.

Thursday 2 August 2018

Tag Tuesday -- Bingo

This fortnight on Tag Tuesday,  it's Michele's turn to choose the theme, and it's Bingo. Not one I found very easy, and had to resort to some of Tim Holtz's ephemera. A bit of a quickie as we are off to Scotland tomorrow for a week.

Thursday Journal page with Neet

The choice this week came from Neet and it is blue and grey with seniors rule as the theme. I used pink for my third colour.
I was really stumped with this one, and then Peter just said Trump, so I was happy with that. I used Dylusion paint and a couple of stencils as the whole page looked a bit bland. I found a picture of the senior in question and used two of Dyan's figures
I am trying to get everything ready for going on holiday to Scotland on Friday, and get my art stuff for next week done as well. The garden is suffering with the heat, and so am I.
We have also been struggling with mice eating the rubber tubes in the washing machine. I think my cats must be on strike. So far the mice have eaten through £120 worth of pipes and Peter has had a metal base made for the machine to stop them getting in. We caught two in the machine and four in the utility room, under the cupboards. Luckily all the cupboards have backs on them. They had even pinched cat food and stored a pile of it in the corner. So I could add on the cost of the metal plate and the cat food.

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