Sunday, 20 January 2008

Seahorse Plaques

Seahorse Plaques

I made these plaques from waste cardbord boxes, cutting out the heart shapes, and sticking them together to form a a thickness of approx 1/2 cm. I then filled in any gaps at the side with polyfiller, and coated the whole with gesso. After it had dried, I inked the background, and stuck on the clay and card seahorses, and embellisments. these included netting from a bath thingy, micro beads, fibres and fabric. The hangers and dangly bits are wire and beads


Artyfax said...

WELCOME TO THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY, nice to see your new blog Wendy, sure it will be a success. John

Agnes the Red said...

The blogg is looking good Wendy! Love these sea plaques!

smellihelli said...

these are fabulous - I'd love them in my bathroom (cept my bathroom is lilac LOL)

catharinas-love said...

Those two are beautiful !!!
Rini - the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Owww beautiful..they are the sort to inspire a story :-0
thank you
Flickr seahorse who potters of with grin on her face

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