Friday, 6 January 2012

Fabric tags

Here are the next set of colours, white which was quite difficult, as I had very little in white, and blue and turquoise, which poised no problem at all. Yellow, and purple might prove to be impossible for the next ones. Please don't hold your breath on those two. Red I think I can manage, so will do that one first.


Ange Lee said...

LOVE the texture on these tags Wendy....the white one is my favourite - I'm a big fan of white on white and this looks intricate and elegant.

Many thanks for the Xmas card...sorry not been in touch recently and yes I do miss NI too but sadly no time to do so many tutorials nowadays.

Heather said...

More lovely textures - they would make beautiful bookmarks as a little gift for someone special.

Connie said...

I love them all!
I have joined Carolyn Saxby's TAG TUESDAY and you have inspired me!

Paula said...

Wendy you are amazing! x

Trudy said...

great tags

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