Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bird House D, E and F

As I thought, I am regretting doing this challenge, and have managed to leave them until the last day of the month again.
D for duck, I stamped the fabric with the branchy, twiggy bits, and printed fabric with ducks, I used bondaweb to attach them to the backing fabric.
E for eggs. I stamped the tree, nests and eggs onto the fabric. the top birds are shrink plastic. Then I attached the words and 3D eggs.
F for feathers is in my previous post, but I couldn't resist adding some tiny red feathers I found in the garden. These were probably from a robin or the woodpecker.


Cath Wilson said...

Ah, but they're lovely, Wendy - I love them all x

Heather said...

Your regrets don't show through to your work Wendy - the Bird House pages are beautiful. I can see you might find it harder as you get further into the alphabet if you are doing all the letters.
I love the tiny real feathers - a great addition.

Neet said...

Lovely work again Wendy, I do like the egg one at the top especially.
Hugs, Neet x

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