Monday, 7 July 2008

Round Robin

At long last I have managed to do my first page of Astrids Round Robin journal. I have had a very rough month, and just haven't had the time or the inspiration to do this. I thought it would be a good idea to do one to remember our childhood. So ladies, please can you all put pictures of yourselves as children/baby. The title is When you were Young, and you can use any colour you are happy with.

My first attempt, which will be my cover I did in Autumn colours, and it was very textured. I think it would suffer in the post, so will keep it safely at home. I will put a picture on here as soon as I've finished it. Please don't hold your breath though.

After my first attempt, I decided to put a bit of colour in this one, so the background is inked and stamped. The swirls are Grunge board, and then various images put on. I have always loved birds, so a few of those flew on, plus some small buttons and a metal butterfly. The buttons by the way didn't fly on by themselves, I had to do that. The back I covered with paper and added my favourite blue poppies and another bird.

I am not really sure that I like it that much, but it will have to do.


Sian said...

I like your page even if you don't, and I'm sure I've got a few pictures of me as a little girl SOMEWHERE in the house(I'll have to get searching)!

Sherry said...

It's lovely Wendy and I'll raid my Mum and Dads' photos for some piccies too.

Jan said...

These are so lovely Wendy - the colours are beautiful.

Shaz said...

more birds!! fab!!

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