Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tag Tuesday -- My Fave book

This was quite difficult as there are lots of books that I love to read. Some of my favourites are those written by Diana Gabaldon. The series is called Outlander and starts with Claire in 1946 walking through some standing stones in Scotland. She disappears and turns up in 18th century Scotland and her double life begins. I now have the new one and will have to reread all the others now to make sure I know what's going on. They are books I can't put down. I have painted the background with watercolours and have listed all the novels in the series in order at the bottom of the tag.

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chrissie said...

Have this series saved to show to Vic as he will love it I'm sure. Thanks for the info and the beautiful tag Wendy

Love Chrissie xx

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