Thursday, 2 June 2016


Not a subject I found easy, but managed to take the easy way out and use some of my Indian stash. The background is a napkin, and the images and saying is from the DVD case.
I'm still going round in circles as my garden is open to the public for the next two weekends and the weeds have been cowering in the undergrowth, not daring to flutter a leaf. I will be back in full swing after this is all over and done with.


chrissie said...

Fantastic tag and so brave of you to open your garden to the public. Will there be photos?

Love Chrissie xx

Heather said...

I think this tag is wonderful - one of your best. Good luck with your open garden project. I am gradually taming ours with help from our son and one of our daughters who is great at weeding. I am just waiting for my next lot of energy to arrive before having another go myself.

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