Thursday 23 May 2024

Thursday Journal with Neet

 The words from our new list this week are 'I'm looking forward to your visit being g over' I don't think I could actually say this, but sometimes feel as if I could.

June was hoping to get to work on her university dissertation when she had a somewhat unwelcome visitor. Fiona seemed to think that June was her best friend, but June had other ideas. She found Fiona very boastful about how clever she was and didn't really have to do a lot of work to pass her exams. June knew she had to work hard to get through her course, as she wanted to get a good job when she graduated. Fiona was obviously dressed to go out and was misguided in thinking that June would want to go with her. It was the last thing June wanted to do, especially with Fiona. June told Fiona that she was sorry but she had too much work to do and really couldn't spare the time. "All work and no play" quoted Fiona. "No work, no dissertation" replied Fiona,  and under her breath she said 'I'm looking forward to your visit being over' June so wished she had at the courage to say it out loud.

As we have visitors and loads of people to see the house ( hopefully someone will buy it soon) I have made up my own poem.

I am linking this to Valerie and Erik's theme of Poetry on Art Journal Journey.


Valerie-Jael said...

This really speaks to me! Visitors who stay too long or turn up without notice are really not my faves. Love the poem you wrote, and thanks for another wonderful page for our challenge at AJJ, hugs, Valerie

My name is Erika. said...

You write the best poems Wendy. This one works so well with your quote. I like your story, and how you made the floor and walls only our page, and that you added the dog too. He's a great addition. Thanks for joining Valerie and myself at AJJ. It is much appreciated. hugs-Erika

Neet said...

Clever you - I love your own poem. Brilliant! (Must say I love the dopey look on the dog's face too)
When I started reading your story I thought we had gone down the same line but despite starting out similar we certainly dild two different stories.
Fingers crossed the house sale goes through soon.
Hugs, Neet xx

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