Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Every Inchie Monday --UK

This week we are at home in the UK, and boy did I struggle with this. I have been away a lot recently and am completely behind with everything. Also the garden needs urgent attention before we have our open weekends at the beginning of June.
I did two shrink plastic ones for the card entry, a red phone-box and a red postbox. The phone box sort of bent a bit in the shrinking.
I tried to do a red rose for the National flower, had two attempts and then gave up, at the same time I realised that it was the flower for England and I was having enough trouble with the rose, let alone putting a daffodil, thistle and a shamrock on it as well.
So red postbox it was.


Heather said...

I love both of these. The second post box looks like the older ones, probably Victorian.

Dianne Ayers said...

Both are wonderfully iconic. Good luck with the open day...I was thinking that having an open day might galvanise my two lazy lads into getting more done. If they can't pick it, plough it or mow it they simply aren't interested ;)...and there is a lot at present as Autumn progresses. I try to do a little each day but don't achieve as much as I'd like to

sally said...

Isn't it funny how with our own country it's so difficult to choose what to do! I had stuff but couldn't be found anywhere or was too big! Lovely letter boxes:-)

Sally x

Margriet said...

Love both inchies! Both are such icons of the UK!

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