Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fabric wedding book

My daughter Karen is getting married in June, and I went with her for one of her outfit fittings. I was a bit cheeky while we were there and asked the lady if she would save me some small bits of lace that she would otherwise have thrown away. I am going again this Saturday, and hope she will have remembered.
I thought it might be a nice gesture to make her a fabric wedding book, so that she can see what I wanted the lace for. I have just finished it, in the nick of time.


Connie said...

Hi Wendy, long time since I caught up with you!
The book is fab - I'm sure the lady will be delighted and hope she has a big bag of lace for you.
Years ago I loved a 'stall' - it was just a huge heap on the floor, in Birmingham Rag market - with wonderful bits of fabrics and lace from wedding dresses.
I still have one or two treasured pieces from then!
I can't get there now but I know it is a very different market these days.
Best wishes - enjoy all the excitement of the wedding - we had a good time in December at our son's wedding. Connie, xx

Heather said...

What a lovely memento of your daughter's wedding day. The book is beautiful and I hope you get a nice bag of lace scraps to play with in the future.

Jan said...

What a lovely idea and these are beautiful pages. I wouldn't say you were 'cheeky' but clever and astute to ask for some cuttings... well done.... you dont get if you dont ask!!
So glad to hear that Karen is getting married....yet another hectic time in your already very busy life! xx

Diane said...


Meggymay said...

Totally gorgeous, the lady will love the book I'm sure.

Pattie said...

WOW beautiful !!! your the master of lacy stuff lol x

Maureen said...

What a lucky lady, I'm sure she was thrilled with that beautiful book!!!

Sherry said...

Congratulations to your daughter - hope you've got your hat!!

Your fabric book is fantastic - all dreamy and vintage-y. I like how the lace on the last page looks like the skirt of a wedding dress.

Hope the lady has a huge bag of lace for you Wendy - cheeky, cheeky - lol. I admire your nerve and although I'd desperately want to, don't know if I would have been brave enough to ask.

Linda Wareham said...

Absolutely gorgeous Wendy, I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with it.

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