Thursday 28 December 2023

Thursday Journal with `Neet

' I was going to do something today but haven't finished doing nothing from yesterday' is the Tim Holtz snarky comment for this week. I must admit that about sums up the last two days for me as well. Avril has gone out for a country walk with her dog Gordon and is looking at the distant hills with a nervous glance. There is a very stormy sky and she can see the rain in the distance. Gordon is looking at her hopefully expecting a quick walk back home. He only has very short legs and is hoping that Avril will carry him home. Well a dog can hope can't he. Avril was explaining to him that she really should go home and do some long awaited jobs, but the walk will do them good, even if they got soaked through. Gordon doesn't want to get his new coat wet, if it shrinks it will be a real painful job to peel it off him. "Yes I know you want to go home Gordon, but I can't face going home just yet. "I was going to do something today but haven't finished doing nothing from yesterday" Gordon failed to understand his human and realised limping or refusing to move would not get him very far in the popularity stakes.


Neet said...

Well, we both seem to be of the same minds re the quote although our stories are so different. In fact I am so not knowing what I am doing that I went about my daily chores this morning and forgot to link!
Nice story - picture is very blue and green with that stormy looking sky.
Hugs, Neet xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Fun page and tag, Wendy, hugs!

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