Monday, 29 May 2017

Every Inchie Monday -- Kangaroo

It's down to Australia this week and the kangaroo. When we went to Australia I expected to see loads of kangaroos and they were not as many as we thought. The ones we did see were pretty chilled out, and not running/jumping about. They were just grazing on any reasonable grass they could find. They were also a lot bigger than I had imagined.
My stampbord is shrink plastic and the sewn one, made with great difficulty is fabric and stitching.


chrissie said...

Can't believe you managed to get 2 full kangaroos in one inch--you do amazing things with shrink plastic. Mine ended up in the bin every time I tried anything with it.

The sewn one is wonderful with a nice texture to it I wanted to stroke it.

Hope it isn't the same weather we have here as it is raining and not good for a busy gardener.

Love Chrissie xx

Heather said...

Your kangaroos are great and how you managed that tiny stitched one I can't imagine.

Aqualush said...

Wonderful again, lovely sewn kangaroo and cute as a button. Lovely work.

Cathy said...

Both your inchies are amazing! I really love the fabric one.

sally said...

I do so love those shrink plastic ones, they look as though they are leaping about!


freebird7100 said...

Love both of them! The fabric one might have been hard but it is awesome!

JennyJ said...

Those stampboard kangas must be tiny you surely needed tweezers to position them!? Love your sewn one so cute complete with Joey - just had deja vue- think I wrote this weeks ago and the internet wouldn't let me post it!!! Love your inchies x

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