Thursday, 13 April 2017

Thursday Journal with Neet

This week the theme is squares,  not sure about this one. It sounded easy before I started and I just went for the first thing that came into my head. The page was already inked so I was pleased to be able to use it up. A lot of these pages were inked on the course with Dyan, so were really experimental.  I cut out a stencil with my sizzix and used brown paint for the squares, some of which are a bit wobbly. I used Dyan's stamps for the figure.
I'm sure a lot of us remember some of the pointless maths they taught us at school. How many of us have needed to find the square root of a number. Come on admit it if you have.


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely page, great colours, but I don't want to think of maths at school - aaaaaaaaaaargh!
Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

A really terrific page Wendy.

Have to admit I used maths a lot when I worked as my jobs seemed to involve numbers. I still love numbers and do hard Sudoku for fun and relaxation now. Must say when I was at school I never saw the point of most of the things in maths lessons but it was good job I paid attention.

Love Chrissie xx

Neet said...

Love it - that is so clever! Wish I had a brain.
Hugs, Neet xx

Heather said...

My thoughts exactly! A great page.

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