Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I was supposed to do a self portrait on one of my on-line art classes, but the more I messed about with it, the more it took on buckets full of artistic licence. I find it difficult to draw faces in the first place, but getting skin tone and eyes the same size is for me, nigh on impossible. Here is my attempt, the drawing first and then the painting. I didn't put all the wrinkles in, that's some of the artistic licence. I did put some of the grey hair in though.


chrissie said...

I think you did really well a Wendy but not sure you captured ,'You,' you have such a beautiful smile and you left that out..

Love Chrissie xx

Heather said...

Self portraits are very scary. I can remember having to do one in fabric and stitch for the group I belonged to. It did resemble a female human being, but that was about it! Both your attempts are really good but as Chrissie said, not quite you.

Unknown said...

Better than I could do by a long way, great work and the coloured one does resemble you!


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