Thursday, 5 January 2017

Thursday Journal with Neet

My choice this week with the theme of sewing. Now I love sewing and have plenty of stamps etc to use, but did I find this easy, no I didn't. I think it was a case of having too much and then using a double page and not being able to use bulky things. So my pages are somewhat messy, with too many small bits on a busy background. It has no resemblance to Dyan style journalling at all. The top one has been photographed in natural light and the other two are scanned. The real colour is more like the top one of the double page.


Heather said...

I love the colour of the double page spread, and I know what you mean - the busy background takes attention away from all the lovely things you have put on top.

Neet said...

I think it may have been better had you linked one or two of the stamped images rather than scattering them about. I know what you mean as I felt mine was too busy and too scattered as well - surprised you liked it as I certainly didn't. and we often are of the same mind.
Never mind there's always next week - now who chose that one?
Hugs, Neet (mischievously) xx

Meggymay said...

I think they are both super interesting pages Wendy and it was good to see the detail in the images.
Yvonne xx

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