Thursday, 14 July 2016

Journal page challenge with Neet

My friend Neet and I decided we needed to challenge ourselves and do more in the journal we started  last year. It's a large size which neither of us are very happy with. The small ones are so much easier to work in and come up with ideas for.
We have made a list of subjects to work from, and will go through them in order each week. Well until we run out of pages that is. Then we might do the same with the smaller ones.
This week was to include some stars, so having set off putting stars in a dark blue sky, I was then stuck. So it's not quite night time, the rest I'll leave for your imagination. No doubt a certain cat has been put out for the night and is creeping away.


chrissie said...

Terrific page Wendy and a good idea to challenge each other

Love Chrissie xx

Neet said...

Brilliant Wendy. We had a problem last night too. We had so many heaters going to dry out the plaster in all the rooms that we blew the system including the internet/phone - over and over. Eventually ended with just two fan heaters and we got back on. Both heaters back on today and all doors and windows open. Fingers crossed - we need Chas to get painting. Me, I need to hide because of the fumes.
Hugs, Neet xx

Meggymay said...

Its a fantastic page Wendy, the girl sure has attitude she looks great,
Yvonne xx

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