Monday, 18 February 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Broom

This week the subject is Broom, which can be interpreted in two ways,  a broom to sweep with, and the shrub broom, which grows wild around here. An inch doesn't give you a lot of room, so my first attempts went in the bin. I eventually managed to make a small broom out of the top of a cocktail stick, and some strange fibers I had. I think this type of broom is known as a besom. I cut up some magazine pictures of Autumn colours to represent leaves. Not very chuffed with this one.


House of Bears said...

We like the leaves being swept away by your broom :)

freebird7100 said...

I think you should be chuffed with this one. I forgot about the word besom, not a word I had heard since I used to live in England. Nice to have the memory, thanks for that & thanks for the great job on the broom!

SanDee1899 said...

Wow this is fabolous! Such a creative and oustanding idea and work done! WOW

chrissies said...

Looks great Wendy and a difficult subject to tackle this week. Mine looks very similar to your-must post it in a minute.

Love Chrissie xx

hazel said...

A great take on the theme Wendy, I love the idea of the broom sweeping the leaves away.
xxx Hazel.

Deidre Maree B. said...

Love the broom and the color of the leaves

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