Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I'm in a tag mode now, and just enjoy doing them. The bottom one is for a swap using the bandana technique. That is where you go round the image with a white pen, and also doodle a bit along the way as well. It sort of makes the image 'pop' out. Well it's supposed to anyway. The other two are done on watercolour paper, using distress inks that I put onto a craft sheet, misted with water, and then put the paper on top. The only problem being that the paper was too rough to stamp on. So I collaged them.


Jan said...

These are lovely wendy

Sian said...

These are fantastic. I love the colours.

Happy Daze said...

I love these tags they are very nice indeed

obviousfront said...

Validating my passport to mellowing out.
There's a nice mellow place
look a little, wait, ahh

Trudy said...

love these

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