Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Art Dolls

These art dolls are for a swap, and I really struggled with them.

Zettimona was the first one, and she has ended up looking like a man in drag. It is all stamping, and the hair is fibre.

The mermaid is made from an old bit of knitting for her tail, and has an embossed body and arms. She had various heads before I settled on this one. Catdoll I didn't mess about with too much. It's body and limbs are hand drawn, and painted in twinkling H2Os. The head is material.

Why do I let myself in for these swaps, and then find them difficult. Prehaps I just wasn't in the mood. The only stipulation of the swap, is that they fold up to ATC size, and go in the plastic sleeves


Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Wendy
Well these are very interesting Art Dolls & I think you have done well ... love the colours in the Cat one. Yes I've gotta say I've got to be in the mood to make art that 'I'm' pleased with ... does that make us creatures of moods ... ha ha
thanks so much for popping over to my place too ... OOroo ... Bethel

Anonymous said...

I think you are harsh on yourself they are really fun and quirky
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