Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The garden

The garden is now beginning to colour up, but I do need to get more spring colour into the front of the bungalow. The previous owners obviously just bought a sack of daffodils. These now need digging up, and splitting up, they are far too crowded. There are loads of primroses out, which are one of my favourite spring flowers, and they are seeding everywhere. We have only had the place for two years, and there are no end of primroses appearing all over the garden. Now need lots of bluebells (Are you listening Sylvia)

There is more colour in the back garden, where there are loads of small bulbs out. There are many more growing in pots, that I never seem to have the time to plant out. It's on the list though.

The front garden in winter. I really must get out there and do some clearing up. I have loads of plants to move before the new workroom and garage are built. Builders do not look to see where they are putting their feet.
There are now loads of daffodils out, so the next sunny day I will take some more photos.

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