Thursday, 23 May 2019

Thursday Journal With Neet

This week the quote is "I didn't get to be this fabulous overnight"
I used a mop up page for this and did it in a bit of a hurry. Life seems to be throwing up a few wobbles at the moment so I am only managing to do the bare minimum.
My son is over from Russia for his Dad's funeral which was on Tuesday, so we all went over to Norfolk which is a long way from here as we have to go across country. It was a lovely ceremony and it was great to see my x brother in law and a few old friends.
As soon as Paul goes back to Russia on Friday I hope to get back to nearly normal.


Neet said...

I like that head with that coat. Just enjoy your son whilst you have him there. You can craft at any time and you do do a lot so it will refresh you to have a break and a good old natter with him. I will get some new quotes ready.
Hugs, Neet xx

Heather said...

It amazes me that you manage to fulfill all your craft commitments no matter what life is throwing at you. How lovely to see your son even if for such a sad occasion. No wonder you have had some wobbles lately. Thinking of you.

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