Monday, 1 September 2014

Every Inchie Monday --Renaissance.

Although this weeks word on Every Inchie Monday gives us a lot of choice, they are not easy to portray on an inch square. The renaissance period was during the 14th-16th centuries, when there was a revival in the arts, and the fashions of that period were very distinctive.
I have gone for good ol' Mona Lisa, and shrank her. I was very surprised how small the painting was, when we went to see it in the Louvre.  The sewing one is a very feeble attempt at Elizabeth the 1st with her ruffled type necklines. Not easy on an inch. I hope these fit the period.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fabric book with Beryl Taylor

I was lucky enough to go on a course with Beryl Taylor a while ago, and have now managed to finish the book.
We coloured our fabrics with the use of Gelli plates, stencils and Indian printing blocks. We then embroidered them, made various embellishments to put on, and dyed different fabrics to use. I had quite a lot to do when I came home, but am pleased with the results.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Artful Times -- DT piece -- House shape

For my DT piece on Artful Times this week, I have altered the drawers on a advent house one of my daughters gave me. They knew it would get the Wendy treatment. I have made metal drawer fronts for them.
I couldn't take the tiny knobs off so had to make a hole in each metal square to allow me to pop the knob through.
All the squares have been made out of metal in various colours ( Ten seconds studio) They have all been embossed in embossing folders. Some were silver that I put alcohol ink on, some of them have been lightly sanded to uncover the silver underneath the colour.
I keep all my wooden and alphabet die cuts in them.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tag Tuesday -- India

India is the subject on Tag Tuesday this week, which gave me the opportunity to make a fabric tag. In fact I might make lots, and make an Indian tag book. The images are printed on fabric, and sewn on with the machine. I added an Indian trim, some sari ribbon, and have sewn on a tassel and some beads.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Every Inchie Monday -- Quartz crystal

I have been away for the weekend, and am just getting this in on Monday. On Every Inchie Monday this week, it's quartz crystal, I found this one quite difficult. I did the sewing one while I was at my daughter's, and she also had a small piece of rose quartz so I extracted that from her. I have tried to embroider a Quartz watch for the sewing one, and have placed the real piece of quartz next to the pretend one on the card one.
It will be interesting to  see what the others have done.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tag Tuesday -- Fruit

On Tag Tuesday, the theme is fruit. Now please don't ask why I have so many stamps of pears, or pear words. I think I received them from a friend a long time ago, and have hardly used them. This was a good opportunity to do so.
The large no 12 tag, and the three small ones I had already inked up a while ago, so all I had to do was stamp the pears and words on another piece of card and cut them out. I then placed the smaller tags on top of the large one, job done.
I hasten to add that I don't have any stamps of other fruit.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Every Inchie Monday -- Quick

Not the easiest subject to portray on an inch square on Every Inchie Monday. There are Mondays when I regret making myself do a sewing one, as well as a card one. This was one of those Mondays. I decided on Quick sands. The card one has real sand stuck on the bottom, and the sewn one has a yacht sinking into the fabric sand.

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