Monday, 30 April 2018

Every Inchie Monday -- Greece

On Every Inchie Monday we are off to the Mediterranean this week with Greece. Their National bird is the Phenix, but as that is a mythical bird the Little Owl is considered the National bird now.
In Greek mythology the owl was sacred to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Therefore it was considered a protector of the Greek armies; if one flew over the army before battle, this was believed to be a sign of victory.
The owl was commonly used on ancient coins, and is on the one Euro coin now.


Dianne Ayers said...

I love your little owl, I'd like it as a brooch so I could take my own luck with me, Dx

Heather said...

Two perfect little inchies. Love them both.

Cathy said...

I love owls and yours is so cute!

freebird7100 said...

like everyone else, I love owls as well.

sally said...

Just beautiful! I love the owls that have appeared on Greek coins over time :-)


Karen Hunt said...

Love them, quite exquisite.

Margriet said...

Super cute inchies! I love owls.

Jolande said...

I love owls, but I love both your inchies!
I like to let you know that if I don't respond to a post it is not because I am not interested, but my husband and I travel regularly.
We just have been to Madrid and at the end of the month we are going to the USA for a month and than I just don't have te time to visit blogs and respond.
My posts for the EIM blog and on my own blog are than scheduled and Margriet always put the link button on it.

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